Annet Wolters

    Godsmack (Trix, Belgium).

    Godsmack is back! This time with support from Like A Storm. Despite a few sound issues everybody had a lovely rockin' night.

    In Flames – I, the Mask

    With 'I, the Mask', you can expect the same sound as you are used to from In Flames. In great lines, they didn’t change the formula they use to make songs, through...

    Steel Panther “Sunset Strip Live!” (De Mast, Torhout)

    Steel Panther brought the Sunset Strip straight from LA to a small place in Belgium and rocked our socks off!

    While She Sleeps – So What?

    This album is yet again amazing. When you hear the music, you know it’s While She Sleeps.

    Avantasia – Moonglow

    Moonglow has so many emotions in it and over it. Happiness and darkness put together in a battle with each other. Simply Amazing. Well done Tobi and team Avantasia.

    Lovebites – Clockwork Immortality

    Conclusion: "Clockwork Immortality" is a good album by Lovebites, definitely room for improvement in an own individual sound and storytelling. Definitely give it a...

    Annet’s Albums of the year 2018

    A list of albums of the year 2018 that mostly seems to revolve around energy and emotions, check it out!

    Hollywood Undead – Psalms EP

    I just grew silent while listening to this album. It really is a sensitive album that talks about a heavy subject. It makes you think about your own live, about the live...

    Atreyu – In Our Wake

    What are you going to leave behind? A tin line between love and fear.

    The GRIMM Reader: The Heroin Diaries

    A beautifully written story about something so horrible.