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Green Day is back with their new album 'Saviors' that came out on January 19th, 2024. Another album released in an election year that has at least one song that shows disagreement with how things are going in politics right now in the USA. Lets see what other things Green Day has to tell us with their 14th album.

The first single to announce the making of the new album ‘Saviors’ was ‘The American Dream is Killing Me’. A cool punk rock, very Green Day style track. Some people said it sounded too simple. It is indeed a simple power chord song, but simple doesn’t mean bad in my book. It sounds catchy and not everything needs to be complicated if you ask me.
Second single ‘Look Ma, No Brains!’ is very fast and energetic. The song is over before you know it, but that’s why replay buttons exist. A true punk rock song that is indeed simple, but I love it for it.

Third single ‘Dilemma’ got serious with us. The song talks about lead singer Billie Joe‘s struggle with drugs and alcohol addiction. A song where Billie puts his heart on his tongue and shares his-what feels like- deepest secrets with us. A palm muted electric guitar accompanies the verses. The choruses are all power chords and loud vocals.
Fourth single ‘One Eyed Bastard’ gives us a one string guitar melody to get stuck in our heads. Another straight forward one that has been on repeat many times already.

This is what we got before the official release of the album on January 19, 2024. So far, the songs all appeal to me. I’m expecting some more serious songs and also straight forward killers to enjoy.

Between the singles, we got ‘Bobby Sox’ on the track list. A song that made a lot of people feel welcome and accepted about whowever they may be. Green Day has always welcomed diversity, and that’s no different on this album and at their shows. A song that’s calm in the verses, and is very raw in the pre-chorus and chorus. ‘1981’ is a fun song about the early days. It’s short, fast and punk rock. Simple but cool.

‘Goodnight Adeline’ takes a calmer pace. A calm melody with sturdy guitars in the background. The verses get a clean guitar, which creates a contrast between the verses and the choruses. But Green Day gives the transition between those a smooth edge.
‘Coma City’ picks up the pace again and is fully supported by power chords throughout the song. It has a solo part quite early in the song which goes into some more power chords that take the lead. There’s not to much lyrics, but a lot of nice, simple and catchy guitar work.

‘Corvette Summer’ is the track you want to play out loud in your car with the windows open. Suzie Chapstick feels like an ‘old’ song. The guitars and the setting sound like they found place in earlier years. It’s a calmer rock song that gives you a chill vibe to go throughout your day.

‘Strange Days Are Here to Stay’ is a song about the modern days. The lyrics talk about things that are specific to the modern days, and how they’re not always better. Right after that, we get the song ‘Living in the ’20s’; a short song about another time were things were not always better, but definitely different.

‘Father to a Son’ is a sweet song that Billie Joe wrote for his sons. He lost his father early in his life, so this song must be very special to him. A calm acoustic song with harmonies in the back that give the song even more emotions. It does get an electric guitar solo. During that moment, the song sounds so full of instruments. It grabs you and you are absorbed into the song. Very beautiful.
Title track ‘Saviors’ is the second to last track on this album. The world that we know is coming to an end, unless we get saved by our saviors, right?

‘Fancy Sauce’ is the perfect closer of the album. It’s a slow song that starts clean and uses electric guitars in the choruses to give it some extra attention. Basically, a song about how everything is messed up and it all doesn’t really matter anymore.

“Watch the evening news ’Cause it’s my favorite cartoon”


It sounds like my prediction became true. We get the classic Green Day that we all know.

Green Day is:
Billie Joe Armstrong – lead vocals, guitar
Mike Dirnt – bass
Tré Cool – drums, percussion.


  • Music / Songwriting 9/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 8/10
  • Mix / Production 9/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 8/10
  • Originality 9/10

We get the classic Green Day that we all know. Some songs will take you back to the past. Be it either the sound or the feel of it. Some songs keep you in the here and now. The album has feelings and an opinion, and is not afraid to show it. So even if the music may sound simple sometimes, the topics are definitely not. But above all, it’s a great punk rock album that deserves to be on top of the charts.

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