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From the big boys selling out venues, to local faves making waves in our community, 2023 was filled with amazing talent and life-changing performances. I went on my first tour, saw my all-time favorite band, Alesana, and traveled to places I never thought music would take me, all with my camera by my side. While choosing favorites seems next to impossible, I’ve managed to narrow down my selection of photos that make me happy to had been the artist behind the lens. Lots of interesting colors, textures, and perspectives. What exactly is in store for 2024, we don’t know, but I’m excited to continue capturing passion and perseverance through music. But for now, have a look at my favorite pictures I took at all the concerts I got to cover from bands like Across the White Water Tower, Alesana, Autopsy Affair, Brand of Sacrifice, Currents, Emmure, Greyhaven, Knuckle Puck, Magg Dylan, Magnolia Parl, Midnight Threat, Norma Jean, Origami Angel, Pink Shift, Saliva, See You Space Cowboy, Silverstein, Sweet Pill, The Contactees, The SoapGirls, Virginia, We Came As Romans…

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Although I didn’t take part in any festivals this last year, I think it was the most productive year for me in terms of the number of concerts I attended. Choosing a top is always complicated for me, but here are 30 photos that I like, and I hope you do too, including the bands: Fear Factory, Atreyu, Jinjer, Rolo Tomassi, Stone, The Kooks, Pixies, Wunderhorse, Yours Truly, You Me at Six, Lake Malice, Bloodywood, Epica, Avatar, The 69 Eyes, Nova Twins,  Cam Cole, Sabaton, The Lumineers, Grailknights, All For Metal, The Baboon Show, Combichrist, Megaherz, The BossHoss, Cancer Bats, Kvelertak, Fixation, Ignea, Butcher Babies.

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GRIMM was delighted to get an invitation to attend the premiere screening of the movie ‘Comeback’ with a red carpet filled with a whose who of Finnish celebrities and of course the whole cast! Check out the pics down below and see how many faces can you recognize!

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Black Box Mikkeli is a festival curated and organized by the Finnish melodeath act on the rise Bloodred Hourglass. So when they invited us to go to the already third edition of the fest, and looking at the solid lineup, we didn’t hesitate to make the long trip to Mikkeli for the second day of the event that had a promising collection of bands with Lastout, I Am Your God, Balance Breach, Gaerea, Insomnium, and of course Bloodred Hourglass themselves as the crowning act!

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Here are my top 30 photos of 2023. I’m a cinematic edit fan from the UK and believe that no one photographer is the same and that art is expressive in different ways. These photos are an expression of how I view music, the art, and the emotion during the photography stage of a gig. With Sabbra Cadabra, Crowley, Kraken Waker, Self Revolution, The SoapGirls, Nu-Castle, All Before, Audioslaves, Rage, Spartan Warrior, Twin Lizzy, and Red Hot Chilipinos, I’m offering a fine selection of cover bands, and gigs from the local club scene!

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It has become a true tradition that DIE HAPPY plays some warm-up gigs at the end of December for the shows or tours of the following years. A fixed location in the program is Stuttgart, and this time again it’s to be taking place at Im Wizemann.

In this round, it’s the ‘Pre-Anniversary Shows 2023’, preparing for the upcoming anniversary tour in 2024. DIE HAPPY is celebrating their 30th anniversary as a band, and founding members Marta Jandova (vocals) and Thorsten Mewes (guitar) are still part of it. The quartet is complemented by Jürgen Stiehle (drums) and Ralph Rieker (bass).

On this evening, DIE HAPPY proves that they haven’t lost any of their drive and power. The quartet delivers an energy-loaded show that captivates the entire audience from the start. Even if the sound is not quite perfect yet and there’s a bit of a vocal hiccup, especially at the beginning, you can sense the professionalism of 30 years of stage experience and well over a thousand gigs. Marta has the audience in control from the first second, and everyone willingly follows her. The longer the show goes on, the better it gets. Light and sound fit perfectly with the arrangements of the songs.

One can definitely look forward to the upcoming tour and be curious about the surprises the band will bring to the stage. The only thing missing is a new album, considering that the last long player ‘Guess What’ was already released in 2020.

As support and opening act Templemind warmed up, the crowd. It is the new alternative rock project by Philipp Schardt. Combining alternative rock with healing frequencies to inspire people. His one-man show was undoubtedly something unusual to experience: in a good way.

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This year saw my first shoot from a photo pit at Punk Rock Bowling, a huge learning curve for me, especially in regards to the lenses I was using. I have included shots of The Adolescents, The Interrupters, Fea, Sloppy Seconds, The Svetlanas, The Damned, L7, Madam Bombs, Roy Ellis & The Aggrolites, The Casualties, Surfbort and Suzi Moon to illustrate the varied acts who take part in the Festival.

The Darts I photographed in the smallest venue I have ever been in, The Hug & Pint in Glasgow, but what a night it was! All action from start to finish with a terrific soundtrack of fuzzy garage punk psychedelia! Another small venue is Bannermans in Edinburgh, where I saw The Soap Girls and Tokyo Honey Trap. Tokyo Honey Trap were unlike anything I have ever seen before, almost unbearably loud, in your face and their take on a 77 punk attitude, wonderful stuff! The Soap Girls are a real treat to see, they love talking to the audience, their music is hard edged, they are quite gymnastic, are very photogenic and their (male) drummer played absolutely stark naked!

I have included 2 bands from Rebellion, Rumkicks and Hi-Fi Spitfires. The Hi-Fi Spitfires seemed like a throw back to old style UK punk Rock and went down really well with the crowd. The Rumkicks went down an absolute storm at Rebellion. These 3 young women from South Korea won the hearts of everyone who saw them. Their obvious enthusiasm for all things punk rock and the thought of appearing on the boards of the main stage where many of their heroes had appeared was a very real thrill for them. They came, they saw and they definitely conquered!

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Year 2023 is closing out and we at GRIMM have our sights set for next year and all the amazing shows and festivals coming up, but before that, let’s look into this past year in photos. It’s been a helluva year, I’ve shot some of my all-time favorite bands, new festivals and small club shows to massive arena shows. So here’s my selection of the best of the best live captures from this year. From incredible fun-to-shoot black metal shows from Steelfest, shooting household names at Rockfest, or legendary bands at Hellsinki Metal Festival, it was a hard one to choose only 25 since I’ve shot quite a few shows this year. Before we get into it, I have nominated my favorite photo of the year 2023, and quite possible my favorite photo of all time; Ville Valo at Rockfest. It’s a simple shot, but still cinematic and beautiful. Love that capture, would love to hear your favorite from my selection, sound off down below!

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Best Of 2023 Tom VM

Here’s that “best of the year” time again… It’s always difficult to make a selection from your photos and then label them the ‘best of the year.’ What makes these photos better than others? Often it’s a matter of a certain feeling that an image gives you.

Sometimes it was because it was a beautiful moment, sometimes because of nice framing or the light that was just right (and you don’t get that very often).

Sometimes you see artists giving their best, and sometimes they just fully enjoy their own artistry themselves.

Regularly, they also grant the photographer a look straight into the lens.

I think these are the criteria I relied on to select the following images:

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Ok. Tough task to pick out just 30 pictures reflecting a full year of concert photography. So here they are … 30 of my favourite pics. Most probably there are way more, but somehow I had to cut it down (editoral requirements). I have chosen the ones I love most out of the ones I love most. And there are some pics in that you haven’t seen on GRIMM.COM – since not all the stuff I do is linked to GRIMM.

Pictures are showing the following bands

  • Butcher Babies
  • Fateful Finality
  • Fear Factory
  • Thundermother
  • Hypocrisy
  • Spiritbox
  • Behemoth
  • Dog Eat Dog
  • The Cult
  • Skillet
  • Agnostic Front
  • Scorpions
  • May The Silence Fail
  • Cannibal Corpse
  • Ataraxy
  • Dark Funeral
  • Goldmann
  • Solstafir
  • Ingested
  • Antiheld
  • Lansdowne
  • Völkerball (Rammstein Tribute)
  • Fettes Brot
  • Danko Jones
  • Royal Republic
  • Team Tot
  • Mindead

Hope you’ll enjoy my selection! Thank you for watching!