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The King of Clubs once again did not disappoint. With the warmth of the spring day still lingering at show time, it was a beautiful night to head out and catch some live music! The lineup for the evening was headlined by the amazing Tantric and supported by the one and only KrashKarma. Additional support was provided by 2 Ohio bands, This Day Forever and Twenty-Second Dimension.

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When I discovered Author & Punisher back in 2018 at Blowup festival in Helsinki, I was blown away with the uniqueness and creativeness of the project. The industrial doom that Tristan Shone literally bangs out with his machinery is damn-right impressive, captivating and one of a kind. So whenever A & P is in the neighborhood, you can count on me being there if it’s any bit possible. Looking at the usual industrial fare that Elektrik Products usually brings to Finland, I was kind of surprised to see this act being booked by them but hey, I’m not complaining. They fleshed out the line-up of the night with their friends of Eggvn and Pedigree, turning it into a promising night of harsh beats and heavy music.

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After 2 cancelled editions (thanks to the pandemic), Prognosis festival finally took place in Effenaar in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Not every band that was originally planned could make it anymore, but at least the organization managed to replace every cancellation with a worthy replacement. Some had to cancel, others insisted on being there even if they couldn’t be there with the complete band. The Ocean for example: their vocalist recently had an accident, leaving him in a wheelchair for 2 months with 8 fractures. Still they were there, playing an instrumental set without him. How’s that for dedication?

This was only the second edition of the festival and they already had visitors from 45 countries! Not too surprising with an amazing line-up like this! Prog may be a genre that is sometimes a little harder to digest for many, but it can also count on a large group of real dedicated fans. Less common instruments can also be found here. Next to a flute and a hurdy-gurdy, the first band (Argus) opened with a theremin! If you don’t know what that is, you should check out the pictures below.

Due to the overlapping time schedules and the different sizes of both venues, it was sometimes very hard to get in (the small venue). Therefore we regret not getting the chance to take pictures of Novena, as the place was full, there was no getting through. But good on them for getting a full house showing up for their show!

Headliner for day one: Katatonia! The set list was ‘by request’ and can be found here.

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I haven’t been at a concert this big in years, just too bad the crowd seemed to have forgotten how to concert. Even though there were over 11.000 thousand people there was seemingly almost nothing to indicate they were there. I even took my ear plugs out a few times to check if I could hear someone sing along or just scream for the band. In the front there were at least some excited fans but when I went to the back, the only thing I could hear from the fans was some talking and clapping between songs. Which seemed like a pity to me as the band themselves seemed so excited to be back on stage. At least towards the end of the show the fans woke up a little.  

For me this was my first time of seeing Nightwish. The mixture between super emotional songs like ‘How’s the Heart’ and those songs packed with so much power that you feel like you’re part of the song is even more amazing live. Despite Floor having the flu, she was still pretty impressive, motoring through the show like nothing was going on. Very sympathetic was also that they congratulated their long-time sound technician for his 60th birthday with a song he ‘certainly’ never heard before, ‘Nemo’. Happy birthday from us as well.  

If you have a chance to see them live yourself, I would definitely recommend to do so. The magic of today’s show lasted almost two full hours. 

As support there was Lähiöbotox. Which was less enchanting, but at least brimming with of energy. 

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After postponing for two years The Picturebooks finally came to Stuttgart and delivered a fantastic gig. In the tradition of White Stripes or Blood Red Shoes the two guys from Gütersloh, Germany set the stage on fire only with guitar and drums. And an extremely remarkable way of playing the drums – what a power, force and pressure. The audience was in their garage rock style music with a lot of blues elements from the first song. Ending their show with ‘No Fucks Given’ and they sure did not!

The Picturebooks were supported by Black Mirrors – Belgium (Brussels) based garage rock and blues band which was a perfect fit. They heated up the venue and delivered a great show – above all singer Marcella Di Troia.

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Insomnium, forerunners of the Finnish melodeath scene hasn’t been very lucky the past couple of years, having to cancel and postpone tour after tour, including the Finnish tour they had planned with very special guests Finntroll a while back already. Now finally we’re here and the show is happening! Kulttuuritalo was the place to be, for us the first time to catch a show like this at the Helsinki Culture House!

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Finally she’s back! Almost 5 years ago I had the pleasure to see Eivør Pálsdóttir for the first time live since discovering her with the enchanting ‘Trøllabundin’ track. Now the lovely Eivør is back to play at exactly the same venue I saw her last: legendary Helsinki rock club Tavastia. With in the mean time yet another album under her belt with 2020’s ‘Segl’, it’s a show I’ve been looking forward to for a long time now. With her she brought the Danish funky alt-pop artist Lucky Lo to warm us up for her sweet and mesmerizing music and storytelling.

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Two of the currently hottest and most rocking all women metal acts have entered the stage of 7er Club, Mannheim, Germany on April 8th, 2022 to rock the house. Nervosa in a co-headlining position with Burning Witches on the ‘Double the Metal Tour’ and warmup by the Indian outfit SystemHouse33. A sweat driving and powerful experience nobody in the audience will forget and hoping they’ll return soon! And yes, while we just and just missed out on the openings act, the ladies did rock the house down – it was a phenomenal gig of both bands!

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After two years we finally got to enjoy Brymir live again in a fully packed On the Rocks. We even got to hear a new song under the working title ‘Slava Ukraini!’ and we were told that the new album is really close to be done, what will surely make all fans, me included, very happy. As support we got to enjoy I Revolt and Kaunis Kuolematon to warm up the crowd. I Revolt were full of energy while Kaunis Kuolematon varied between an amazingly soulful atmosphere that I immediately fell in love with and a little rougher material.

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Eventhough I was born 10 years after The Kids started playing, they – and the Belgian punk scene – defined a big part of my youth. Today we celebrated The Kids playing for 45 years (!) in one of the most beautiful historic venues in their home town. And they brought along the next generation with Midnight Tattoo and Captain Kaiser!

We started off with the melodic street punk of Midnight Tattoo. Also Antwerp locals and just as well part of my youth as I grew up in the same neighbourhood. I saw their first show in a tiny bar that doesn’t even exist anymore, on a stage that was no more than 30 square feet. Midnight Tattoo plays typical British sounding party punk that everyone loves to dance or sing along to. In their signature outfit (jeans, plaid shirt and suspenders) they put everyone in a dancing mood. After that Captain Kaiser took over the stage. With their heavy “Kempenpunk” as they call it (hard and fast punk rock) they blew the roof off of De Roma. A perfect intermezzo to prepare the crowd for what was coming.

And then, finally, we got to celebrating the 45th anniversary of legendary Belgian punk band The Kids. The gig started on a minor note as singer Ludo Mariman asked the crowd for a moment of silence to honour his dear friend and fantastic actress Reinhilde Decleir, who passed away the day before. Of course Ludo couldn’t help himself making a little joke, saying: “I’d like to ask you for a moment of silence before we start. Not a minute, ’cause after all we are a punk rock band and a minute is a very long time for us, so just a moment of silence will do…” after which they rocked just like 15 years ago.