Novo Amor (Neue Theaterfabrik, Munich) – 26/04/2024

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"A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open."

Frank Zappa

It’s Friday night and the party begins for many young people at the Neue Theaterfabrik in Munich, a beautiful room with friendly people and a very healthy atmosphere. On stage, after nine years and with a much bigger crowd than the first time the band performed in Munich, is the Welsh project Novo Amor. The simplicity and sincerity of the songs is a perfect match for the authors. On stage, there is no cynicism and a complete openness that makes the show authentic and enjoyable to savor. This new European tour is to present their latest album, “Colapse List”, released on the All Points Label this April. The popularity and acceptance of Ali Lacey’s songs seems to be reaching a wider audience, the result of hard work and love for the art he makes. In the midst of so many questions and answers during the show, one doubt remains in my mind: why “Novo Amor”, a Portuguese name that means, “new love”!
It was a beautiful evening and let’s hope it doesn’t take them so long to return to Munich again.

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