Thrice “The Artist In The Ambulance 20th Anniversary Tour” (Backstage, Munich) – 20/02/2024

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The Backstage in Munich filled completely to welcome the North-Americans Thrice. On this “The Artist In The Ambulance 20th Anniversary Tour”, the band presents the album released two decades ago, playing it in full from start to finish as originally released on record. The reception at the Backstage was very warm and enthusiastic for the old and timeless songs, as well for the rest of the songs presented in an irreproachable way by the experienced quartet. I’d especially like to highlight the vocal performance of Dustin Kensrue, who manages to completely envelop us live with his raspy voice and sentimental lyrics.

Opening the night, the Danish post-rockers, Town Portal, performed a convincing concert to show themselves and acquire new fans of their project, which although not new, may have gone a little unnoticed by many.

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