Altamullan Road (Pakkahuone, Tampere, Finland) – 14/02/2024

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"A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open."

Frank Zappa

I adore my same old same old bands and I don’t think I will ever get tired of just listing the same songs over and over again. But recently I felt the urge to also try something new and check out some artists that I hadn’t heard of or listened to before. One of them was Altamullan Road. I decided to not check any of their material before the gig and go in with zero expectations of what to expect.

Altamullan Road consists of Johanna Iivanainen & Johanna Kurkela, who are joined on stage during this tour by Johanna Iivanainen‘s husband and Johanna Kurkela‘s brother. Their music is a mixture of cinematic, pop and folk music and while that sounds like it would be a lot, it actually isn’t in the slightest. In reality, the songs are pretty simplistic a lot of the time, with the music being stripped down to the essentials. As the duo has so far only released one album, the show also consisted of several covers. Although the word “cover” doesn’t really do it justice, while the songs were still recognizable they were also transformed into something completely new.

In the end all I can really say is: Even if this isn’t your usual taste of music, I highly recommend checking them out on one of their live shows if you have a chance to do so.

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