Anna Brödel

I'm a German girl, crazy for music, who made her dream of moving to Finland come true a couple of years ago.

14 Finnish melodic releases you might want to check out still

14 melodic metal/rock albums from Finland that we still wanted to give some proper attention to and you should check out still too if you haven't yet!

Battle Beast (Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki) – 17.12.2021

The last Friday before the Christmas period, our photographer ScarletMemory Photography got to enjoy one last great concert for this year with Arion, Memoremains and...

Rockin’ Scandinavia (Klubi, Tampere) – 11.12.2021

Last weekend we finally got to see Reckless Love live on stage again and they didn't come alone, they brought Crush, One Desire and Dynazty along with them.

John Smith Frozen 2021 -Day 2 (04/12/2021)

Day 2 of John Smith Frozen with among others Amorphis, Stratovarius and Rotting Christ was just as much of a pleasure to be at as day 1. See the gallery here.

John Smith Frozen 2021 -Day 1 (03/12/2021)

John Smith Frozen provided the best possible pre Christmas Party for all us Metalheads. This very welcoming Festival sweetened the time before Christmas on Day one with,...

Noora Louhimo Experience (YO-Talo, Tampere) – 27/10/2021

Last Wednesday Noora Louhimo Experience played their first live show at YO-Talo, Tampere and took as on a ride trough time, space and Noora's mind.