Obscura (Backstage, Munich) – 01/10/2022

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It is not for those who want, but for those who can! Technically flawless and musicians with a very deep knowledge, Obscura are possibly one of the best bands in the super heavy genre in the world, building complex songs with varied styles, mixing everything very well. With six albums released since 2002, the Germans from Landshut, managed to give the backstage audience a set of songs that left everyone crumpled but happy at the end of a brutal show.

Opening the night was the veteran band from Leipzig, Disillusion. Suffering several metamorphoses over the long years of their career as well as line-up changes, nowadays they are cohesive in the sound they make and do it in an energetic and enthusiastic way. Hailing from Andorra, Persefone are probably the only metal band from their tiny country. At the Backstage club in Munich they showed that they are able to go far and make the audience go wild to the rhythm of their sound, well done!

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