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Belgian death metal outfit Carrion shared 2nd single ‘Abaddon’s Pit’ from upcoming new album ‘Morbid Nailgun Necropsy’, set for release in March via Wormholedeath!

Prog death duo Entheos announce their new album ‘Time Will Take Us All’, out in March via Metal Blade Records! And released brand new single/video ‘I Am The Void’!

Long-running deathgrind outfit Cattle Decapitation is set to release their next full-length ‘Terrasite’ in May via Metal Blade Records!

VIDEO PREMIERE: Brazilian death metal institution NervoChaos unleashes the new single and video ‘Torn Apart’, from their upcoming album ‘Chtonic Wrath’ out via Emanzipation Productions in March!

Finnish death metallers Tramalizer shared the details of their upcoming debut album ‘Fumes Of Funeral Pyres’, to be released next month via Soulseller Records and a 1st track with ‘Hating God’!

Belgian death metal outfit released ‘For I Am Machine’ from their upcoming new album ‘Feeding The Machine – Part 1’, out next month!

Finnish deathgrinders Sonic Poison premiered 3 new tracks in anticipation of their new album ‘Eruption’, out at the end of the month via Me Saco Un Ojo Records and Pulverised Records.

The Belgian death thrashers of Schizophrenia unleashed their take on the Misfits classic ‘Bullet’, another track from their upcoming tribute EP ‘Chants Of The Abyss’, out in February!

American black/death metal outfit Malefic Throne, with members of bands like Morbid Angel, Origin and Angelcorpse, signed to Agonia Records!

Belgian tech death outfit Triagone released another single and video with ‘Abyssvs Abyssvm Invocat’, from their upcoming debut EP ‘Sem Papyrvs’ set for release in February!

Album Reviews

Leper Colony ticked all the boxes when it comes to firm delivery and the at most quality of songwriting. All in all, the self-titled debut album incorporates the raw and inspiring riffs of old-school serious ass kicking death/thrash metal. Out via Transcending Obscurity Records.

“Apotheosis” is by far the Deiquisitor’s strongest effort to date and the guitar work, in general, is absolutely incredible. Although the 4th album isn’t necessarily considered a refinement it’s more of an evolution and setting up of new trademarks for the band. Out on January 20 via Extremely Rotten Productions and Night Shroud Records!

Death metal veterans Obituary’s 11th album offers superior aesthetics for defining the style of Florida’s death metal at its finest. “Dying of Everything” will grind your bones to pieces, out via Relapse Records.

Acephalix’s fourth album “Theothanatology” is a crunchy raw death metal record coated with grooves and solid riff craft. The about half an hour-long record bares many hints from bands like Vastum and Gatecreeper. Out via 20 Buck Spin.

”Viscera” is a sonic nightmare sustained by the abrasive elements of blackened death doom, Strigoi depicts utter bleakness and redefines its style where the band takes a logical step forward from the debut album. Released via Season of Mist.

“劇變 (Jubian)” is an extreme and brutal death metal record that mixes classic grindcore and death metal elements, there are many bands today that seem to bring a form of classic nostalgia but Ripped To Shreds has found the right balance between these elements. Out via Relapse Records.

“In Nomine Diaboli” shows the Texan quartet Imprecation in its strongest form, offering a slew of demonic brutal death metal. The new studio album is a demonic pandemonium that captures the hellish aesthetics of blackened/death metal, out on October 14 via Dark Descent Records.

Brazilian death metal juggernauts Krisiun return with a brand new album ‘Mortem Solis’ which is an explosive amalgamation, full of rapid transitions and solid brutality that will for sure please the fans. Out on Century Media Records.

Suppression’s debut ‘The Sorrow of Soul Through Flesh’ sees the Chilean band incorporating an array of elements from technical death and thrash metal that falls under the same ilk as bands like Ripper.

Mexican duo The Chasm’s 9th album ‘The Scars of a Lost Reflective Shadow’ captures their old school aesthetics, offering a robust blend of their early albums.


2023 starts off with quite the bang with new releases from VV, Anti-Flag, Imperium Dekadenz, Turmion Kätilöt, Katatonia, Kiberspassk, …and Oceans, Obituary, Suasion, Dropout Kings and Vėlių Namai!

Steelchaos is back! If that is not reason enough to get yourself a ticket still, here are 5 reasons why you should still consider to go this weekend, including the exclusive Finland “Black Metal” 40 years anniversary show of Venom Inc.!

The music industry is at it again at full force after the festival season with a massive amount of really cool releases coming out, just look at the number of our most anticipated releases for September have grown into and then we probably could have included more still. With new albums from Blind Guardian, Yungblud, Wolfheart, Slipknot, Starcrawler, Lost Society, The Hu, Vermin Womb, Vermilia, Bloodbath, Slugcrust, Electric Callboy, Innumerable Forms, Tribal Gaze, Gaerea and Graceless, it’ll be quite the month again!

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