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Most anticipated releases of May 2021

Some of our most anticipated released for May 2021, warning: there is way more exciting music being released, this is only a small selection...

Ophidian I release first track and details of ‘Desolate’

Icelandic tech death metal outfit Ophidian I unleash a first maelstrom of music upon the world with 'Diamonds', a track from their upcoming album 'Desolate'!

BEFORE THE DAWN unleashed brand new music video! “Deadlight” to be re-released on Stay Heavy Records!

BEFORE THE DAWN unleashed brand new music video and song "The Final Storm"! And "Deadlight" is to be re-released on Stay Heavy Records!

Melodic death metal powerhouse HIRAES (ex-DAWN OF DISEASE) announced debut album ‘Solitary’

German melodeath outfit Hiraes unleashes fire and brimstone with the first track of their upcoming debut album!

Melodic death metal artist Plaguestorm unleashed album details and brand new song!

Argentinian melodeath act Plaguestorm shared the details and a first track of the upcoming new album 'Purifying Fire"!

Anarkhon – Phantasmagorical Personification of the Death Temple

Anarkhon musical themes are seemingly influenced by the Lovecraftian stories, the music conjures a horrible atmosphere that plunges you into the deep abyss of space and...

Helslave – From the Sulphur Depths

“From the Sulphur Depths” is full of heavy death metal riffs, the Italian lads have perfectly nailed a crushing sound on the sophomore effort.

Crypts of Despair – All Light Swallowed

Crypt of Despair has achieved new heights with their second album, the approach is organic, raw and massive in scale and intensity.

Bodom After Midnight – Paint the Sky with Blood EP

3 songs which gives a sense of what has been and what could have been with Bodom After Midnight. A worthy addition to Alexi Laiho’s repertoire and career. May the...

Modern Finnish melodic death metal band Dimman released a first single from the upcoming debut album!

Finnish melodeath outfit Dimman release a first single of their upcoming debut full-length! Check it out!