Black and white photo of the band Seed performing. From left to right: a man playing Davul drum, a man playing whistles, a man playing guitar and a woman playing bouzouki

Upstart pagan folk organisers Idavoll hosted a second edition of their “Hobgoblin’s Hollow” event, filled with board games & pagan folk, this time provided by Seed & Eleni Neldë!

Dutch artist and Nordic folk pioneer Kati Rán presented her new single ‘Stone Pillars’, featuring Gaahl and Mitch Harris on guest vocals, and a first track unveiled of her upcoming Svart Records album ‘Sála’!

Photo of 3 muscicians performing against a black background with blue light on them. Smoke is coming in from the lower right to the middle of the image.

Erlendis make their debut in France with the help from one-man project Biocentrik to play a night of pagan folk at La Brat Cave in Lille, France what became a magical night.

Tuska has confirmed 16 more names for the 2024 edition with Stratovarius, HEALTH, Lord Of The Lost, Eivør, Elvenking, Devourment, St. Aurora, Assemble the Chariots, I AM YOUR GOD, Swansong, Krypta, Sadistic Drive, Prestige, Putro In Black, SICK URGE and Dome Runner! Get your tickets now before the price increase in a couple of weeks!

What bands are you happy with this time? And what bands are you still hoping for?

Melodic death metal and Scottish folk music duo Hand Of Kalliach signed to Prosthetic Records for the release of their upcoming album ‘Corryvreckan’ next month and celebrate with the new single ‘Fell Reigns’!

Last summer, before everyone was at Alcatraz, one of Belgium’s best metal and rock festivals, we hosted a “Medieval Metal Night” at our venue Asgaard with the Belgian pride of folk and local heroes Prima Nocta and special guests Trobar de Morte!

Earlier this week, Eivør announced her European tour for 2024, supported by very special guest and Season of Mist labelmate Sylvaine, who will perform solo for the very first time! Don’t miss out!

Samoht was clearly somewhat inspired by dark Americana and country inspired music looking at his albums of the year 2023 list featuring artists like Dorthia Cottrell, Osi and the Jupiter, Wayfarer and The Coffinshakers, but also massive albums by bands like Frozen Soul, Serpent’s Oath, SLOW, OAK, Smoulder and Bell Witch!

The enigmatic warriors of Eihwar are set to unleash their “Viking War Trance” on shows throughout this year!