Eihwar call you to a wild dance on ‘Völva’s Chant’

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Ladies, Gents, and Rampant Rebels,

Strap in and slap on your war paint, ’cause EIHWAR arrived with their debut single, “Völva’s Chant”, these neo-pagan warriors are building a bridge between nordic folk and electro music.

Emerging straight from the mystic fogs of yore, “Völva’s Chant” is their first war cry from the upcoming mayhem-soaked album, Viking War Trance. Inspired by ancient Nordic witchy-women and the potent magic of seiðr, this track bludgeons you lovingly with otherworldly trance vibes and pounding technoid beats.

Crank the chaos to eleven and slam-dance into the epic visual storm that is “Völva’s Chant,” a cinematic headbanger courtesy of the mastermind Samuel Maurin. The epic video for EIHWAR‘s debut single is out now on their YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/ntzpXrr27Ww

Viking War Trance is out September 20 on Season of Mist.

ᛟ Pre-order & Pre-save: https://orcd.co/eihwarvikingwartrance

1. Viking War Trance (4:30)
2. Ragnarök (Viking War Trance Reforged) (7:10)
3. Völva’s Chant (4:05) [WATCH]
4. Geri And Freki (4:21)
5. Baldr (4:08)
6. Fenrir (Viking War Trance Reforged) (5:13)
7. Berserkr (Viking War Trance Reforged) (4:04)
8. Mjölnir (5:25)
9. Sir Mannelig (1:54)
Total runtime: 40:54

Many bands have explored the Pagan & Norse worlds over the last 15 years seeking atmospheric, acoustic and ritual sounds with great seriousness. This is not the path EIHWAR chose.

Although the musicians of Eihwar are virtuosos in their acoustic traditional instruments, their goal is to bring some fun… and as much chaos as possible during their concerts, provoking the craziest trance on dancefloors. They bring a festive and furious neo-viking music whose primal force is based on technoid machines, mixed with trance vocals, shamanic drums and traditional Nordic sounds. Electronics are a ‘new steel’ for those modern warriors, cold and powerful. As the web already says, the duo is a kind of new ‘Viking Carpenter Brut’.

Since its appearance on YouTube in February 2023, Eihwar has shook the Internet and concert venues. The band experienced rapid expansion on YouTube and was quickly booked by major European festivals such as Hellfest, Leyendas del Rock, Wave Gotik Treffen & more to be announced!

Asrunn: Vocals, Traditional Percussions
Mark – Vocals, Machines

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