News Posts

Eivør shared the new single “UPP ÚR ØSKUNI / RISE FROM THE ASHES” with a mesmerizing video, another track from her upcoming album ‘ENN’ set for release next week via Season of Mist!

Industrial-tinged true crime-inspired electronic duo SKYND share their new song and video ‘Heaven’s Gate’, their second about the gruesome things that happened under the influence of a cult!

Electro-prog duo Zombi return with their new album ‘Direct Inject’ in March, released via Relapse Records and shared a first track with ‘The Post-Atomic Horror’!

Madrid electronic rockers Gomad! & Monster signed a worldwide deal with Eclipse Records and have their new EP ‘Sickness’ on the way for an April release!

Weird Wolves is back with ‘Shiny’, another new single released via Out of Line Music. Fans of a mix of electronic and rock music with a post-punk touch, this is for you!

In case you missed it, last month true crime duo SKYND unleashed the bone-chilling new video for the track ‘Armin Meiwes’, about the weird story of consensual cannibalistic murder.

The duo of Weird Wolves released their new single ‘Nightmares’ via Out Of Line Music with an impressively cinematic music video!

Too Dead To Die releases a brand new video for the track ‘They All Were Wrong’, from their latest album ‘Tropical Gothic’!

Modern metallers of Rave The Reqviem unleash another track from their upcoming magnum opus ‘Stigmata Itch’!

AJATON is the new wave of techno combined in a laserproof vest of Finnish melancholy, darkness and aurora borealis. All hail Ajaton!

Photo Reports

Mark took it easy in 2023 and offers a selection of pictures of the handful of shows that he covered with his photography, mostly in the realm of new wave, old school electronic music, experimental and pop music with Self Esteem, Gary Numan, Heaven 17, Martyn Ware and friends, and Utopia Strong!

Our site is dedicated to everything rock and metal with a few sidesteps in music that appeals to the same music fans like synthwave, neo (pagan) folk, industrial,… But some of us do have a taste for music and art that goes beyond these limitations. Enter “GRIMM goes rogue”: where you’ll get a metalhead, punker, rocker,… who ventures into realms beyond their usual habitat with an open mind and give their honest opinion, views and experiences.

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open."

Frank Zappa

Pictures of the Daði Freyr show at Tavastia in Helsinki, Finland.

An Ice Nine Kills show is an absolute visual spectacle, and we were at one of their completely sold out shows in Finland at Vanha Ylioppilastalo in Helsinki with support from SKYND and Lansdowne!

A true challenge for him, our photographer went to capture the performance art that is a live show of HIDE at Kuudes Linja in Helsinki a couple of months ago, with support from Keretik!

A massive celebration of Turmion Kätilöt’s carreer of several decades long at Helsinki’s Black Box Jäähalli with support from Lord Of The Lost and Proteus!

The Ukranian folktronica project Go_A dropped by On The Rocks in Helsinki for 2 shows, what turned out to be a celebration of love, togetherness and support!

The mesmerizing nymphs of Kælan Mikla came back to Finland with their new album and support of label mate Kanga!

Igorrr finally landed with his circus of madness on the Finnish shores and simply blew everyone there away! Simply memorable!

Album Reviews

Host’s debut release ‘IX’ is a very catchy album and has multiple complex textures and dark gothic themes as you will find yourself sprawling on the ground with sedatives. Nick Holmes & Gregor Mackintosh take a dark direction toward the electro gothic synth/rock music that is fully of catchy choruses and lush electronic textures. Released February 24 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Igorrr… music not for the weak-hearted and close-minded, but if you are able to open yourself up for his creations this masterpiece will blow you away!