WEIRD WOLVES share brand-new remarkable single & music video, “Nightmares”


Nightmares” is the brand-new single from Weird Wolves released via Out Of Line Music. The song portrays the discomfort and loneliness one can feel when experiencing the cycle of depression combined with bad night terrors that leaves one sleep-deprived. 

“Depression can slowly infect the mind and the soul in ways that can be scary. In some ways, “Nightmares” was as a therapeutic effort, and we hope its healing and comforting qualities will carry the audience through a beautiful yet dark journey,” states Ava Gore and Raf Colantonio from the Weird Wolves. 

Listen here

The video production was the most complex of the Weird Wolves to date and required much preparation with director Marie Orlova and her team of dancers, coordinating all through video chat.

Ava and Raphael met through the world of video games, and their musical chemistry could not pass unnoticed by their streams on Spotify and the growing fanbase that the two created. Following an official showcase at the SXSW (2019) and many more gigs in the US, the band has continuously attracted new fans throughout the virtual world. The duo is down to conquer the world with their unique strapped-up mixture of electro and rock. Gore and Colantonio have evolved into the Weird Wolves they have always meant to be. 

Weird Wolves:
Ava Gore – Vocals, Guitar & Bass
Raf Colantonio – Vocals, Guitar & Bass

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