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Balance Breach dropped new single / video “Escapers of Paradise”!

Balance Breach shows what is next for them and it sounds even more aggressive and dark than ever before! Time to look forward to their future album!

DETSET released video / single on their new label home Out Of Line Music!

Finnish up-and-coming outfit Detset have signed with Out Of Line Music for the next chapter of their career and unleashed a new video single with 'Graves'!

BLOODRED HOURGLASS release new single & video “Nightmares Are Dreams Too”

Finnish melodeath outfit Bloodred Hourglass unleashes yet another scathing track from the upcoming new album with 'Nightmares Are Dreams Too'!

BLOODRED HOURGLASS released new video & single “Veritas”

Bloodred Hourglass released yet another single from the upcoming album, showing how modern melodeath is done properly!

ten56. released crushing debut single ‘diazepam’!

Aaron Matts' new project ten56. released its very first single 'Diazepam', check it out for some sheer brutality!

I Am Your God – The Resurrection

The debut album of promising and up-and-coming Finnish melodeath outfit I Am Your God shows us what the future of Finnish metal could look like!

Japan’s GYZE released new single & video ‘Oriental Symphony’

Japanese melodic metallers Gyze released another single with 'Oriental Symphony' to celebrate their 10th anniversary!

BALANCE BREACH released new lyric video “Show You The Sun”

Finnish metalcore newcomers Balance Breach revealed a new lyric video for the song 'Show You The Sun'!

AROGYA released their second video single ‘Dust’ from the upcoming album ‘Genesis’

Assam/India based synth rock outfit Arogya released the second single 'Dust' from their upcoming album 'Genesis'!

Siberian band KIBERSPASSK unleashed their new video ‘Kikimora’

The unique Siberian outfit Kiberspassk released yet another intriguing industrial track with 'Kikimora'!