Interview Mors Subita – “It’s like getting hit in the face with a metal bat”

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Finland has an incredibly rich melodic death metal scene with bands that almost all have their own distinct sound and flavor. One of those bands, Mors Subita, got a little bit more in the spotlight a couple of years back when they were credited for some of the music in the hilarious Finnish movie ‘Hevi Reissu’ (or ‘Heavy Trip’). And now they’re finally releasing a brand new album with ‘Extinction Era’, out on October 30th via Out Of Line Music. We got to sit down with vocalist Eemeli and bassist Mika to chat about their new “baby”…

We had a chat about how the lyrical themes on ‘Extinction Era’ are way more personal than they ever where on their older releases, delving from personal experiences or those from people around Eemeli. They also put in some extra effort to put a certain balance into the music on this album instead of just pummeling the listener with heaviness and thrashing around. But don’t worry, there is still enough heavy stuff to be found, like the little hit in your face from ‘Disconnect’… about which we specifically have a short chat about. Talking about getting hit in the face: that’s exactly how they describe their music if they’d have to describe it using images only.

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