Interview Awake Again – “We’re kind of ADHD”

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Earlier this year, I got the pleasure to discover yet another promising band from Finland when going to the release party of Crimson Sun (check out the report here). Awake Again brought a kickass show with energy absolutely bursting from all seams. Their blend of melodic metalcore with pop sounds and other genres is riddled with hooks and their wackiness is simply captivating. So when the opportunity arose to have a chat with some of the guys of the band, we just had to grab it with both hands.

Vocalist Matti and guitarist Kasper talked with us about how the band originally got together and how their path went that brought them to this point. They also tell us about their Wacken adventure as one of the Wacken Metal Battle bands a couple of years back and how they’d love to do it again right now since they improved so much since then. Besides that, they comment on the new song and what it means to them, their usual high energy, how much fun it was to do the Katy Perry cover and what they could possibly do in the future. They also bring up a little inside joke about flame emojis…

For all of that and more, watch the full interview on our Youtube channel or right here:

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