News Posts

Melancholic Finnish metal outfit Decrowned shares the first single ‘Mouth Leaks Black’, from their upcoming debut full-length album ‘Persona Non Grata’, set for release in February 2024 via Rockshots Records!

Finnish melodeath outfit Beyond The Hate shares second single and music video ‘Alone I Die’, from their upcoming debut album ‘Darkest Times’, set for release via Inverse Records in March 2024!

Melodeath supergroup The Halo Effect released a video for the new single ‘The Defiant One’, out now via Nuclear Blast, but a track that won’t sound unfamiliar to those who have seen the band live recently! Catch them on their tour with countrymates Meshuggah in March 2024!

Swedish melodeath fans in Europe, rejoice! In Flames, Arch Enemy, and Soilwork, 3 of the biggest and most influential bands of the genre are banding together and will reap havoc across the continent with the “Rising From The North 2024 tour” next year!

Melodeath collective Hiraes announced their sophomore album ‘Dormant’ set for release early 2024 via Napalm Records and unleash a metal assault with a first single ‘Through The Storm’!

Canadian heavy metal outfit Lutharo announced their new album ‘Chasing Euphoria’ to be released next year via Atomic Fire Records and shared the new single ‘Time To Rise’ to celebrate! Get ready for some serious headbanging!

American metal band Darkest Hour announced their upcoming new album ‘Perpetual | Terminal’ to be released next year via MNRK Heavy, and unveiled the title track with a video! Catch them live right now on tour with Fit For An Autopsy, Exodus and Undeath starting from today!

Melodeath band Upon Stone announced their Century Media Records debut album ‘Dead Mother Moon’ to be set for release early next year, and shared the title track with a captivating video!

Danish melodeath outfit Vanir shared a lyric video for the historically themed track ‘Twisting The Knife’, the first single from their upcoming new album, set for release early 2024 via Mighty Music!

Columbian melodeath act Eshtadur lets the spirits guide you through their new video single ‘Fire Above | Mountain Below’, out via Blood Blast Distribution!

Album Reviews

Chris Maragoth just released his first album, ‘Gatherer of Souls’. Some of the songs have already been released before, and have been remastered for this album. Some songs are brand new. This album contains mostly instrumental melodic death metal/modern metal tracks, worked on by Chris alone or together with other artists, bringing a lovely collection of melodeath-inspired modern metal tracks!

On Hexa Mera’s new album ‘Methuselarity Part 1’, the music is solid and strong, carried on a bed of melodies, and is honestly beautiful to listen to. The album comes out this Saturday March 18 and the band will be doing a release show in Nijdorp, Opwijk on the same day! Be sure to check them out and hear this solid piece of music being played live for the first time.

Brymirs new masterpiece ‘Voices in the Sky’ is unleashed to the world via Napalm Records. If you like the band’s previous releases, you will absolutely love this one. it’s bigger, better and even more epic than ever before.

Wairua is the spirit of a person. Like when you die, it’s the spirit, or wairua, that leaves the body. To me, it feels like we are a spirit, and we get to go on a journey through this EP

With just under 20 minutes of music on this EP, I’m sad it’s already over. This is just the first EP that Aeon of Awareness is releasing, so keep an eye out for their releases in the future.

3 songs which gives a sense of what has been and what could have been with Bodom After Midnight. A worthy addition to Alexi Laiho’s repertoire and career. May the Wildchild rest/shred in peace.

A beautiful short EP that numbs the pain of waiting for Wolfheart’s sixth full-length album.

The debut album of promising and up-and-coming Finnish melodeath outfit I Am Your God shows us what the future of Finnish metal could look like!

Finnish melodic death metal new comers Slow Fall deliver an impressive and diverse slab of melodeath on their debut full-length!

Melodeath outfit Mors Subita is back with another release, showing off their songwriting skills on a whole new level!

Gig Reports

Last month, we got to go to the very last stop of the Polish black metal collective Batushka “Black Pilgrimage tour 2023” at Vanha Ylioppilastalo in Helsinki, with the good company of Arkona, Aeternam and Varang Nord!

Amon Amarth and Machine Head came, saw and delivered! The ‘Vikings & Lionhearts tour’ made a stop in Helsinki, Finland and set the room on fire, quite literally… Support came from Swedish melodeath supergroup The Halo Effect.

The co-headline tour of Dark Tranquillity and Ensiferum made a stop in Helsinki with support from Marianas Rest and Gwendydd and packed Vanha Ylioppilastalo to the brim for a night of pure and wholesome energy to lift our spirits!

Insomnium finally got to do their Finnish tour with Finntroll and we were at the very first stop in Helsinki!

A welcome reunion with Bloodred Hourglass, MyGrain, Marianas Rest and Balance Breach for the top of the Finnish up-and-coming scene!

A night of youth sentiment and good music by promising young bands at Metsatöll’s show at On The Rocks in Helsinki!

Report of the first ever Black Box event in Mikkeli with Bloodred Hourglass, Wolfheart, Sara and Balance Breach!

The industrial melodeath outfit Fear Of Domination got on stage for the first time with their new live vocalist Jess and we were there!

Mors Subita and I Revolt came, saw and absolutely conquered On The Rocks in Helsinki with their kickass melodeath!


We talked with June and Eemeli from Mors Subita about their new album ‘Origin of Fire’ (released recently via Out of Line Music) and how taking more time to record and working with Tue Madsen for the mixing and mastering resulted in a more organic, full sound that was aggressive with a touch of old school heavy riffing.

And we laugh about their drummer possibly regretting asking for a song with blastbeats and a fan knowing the lyrics of a new song better than Eemeli at one of their recent shows…

A chat with Bloodred Hourglass about their pretty amazing year thus far, and the new album ‘How’s the Heart?’, how they’re not afraid of trying out any ideas or leaving things out when a song calls for it, and how they’ve stepped up their game yet again with this record.

A talk with Niilo and Ville of Insomnium about their new album ‘Anno 1696’, how the short story it’s based on was specially written by Niilo for the album, how much they love putting together special editions and a kind of whole experience for their fans and how they got Johanna Kurkela and Sakis Tolis to join them on some tracks!

A chat with Johannes from Avatar on the new album ‘Dance Devil Dance’ on why this is the best album of them as of yet, how they did things somewhat different and tried to approach everything in such a way that they thought people could dance to even blast beats and why now was the time for them to self-release the album.

A chat with Björn Gelotte about In Flames’ amazing year in 2022, their new album ‘Foregone’ and how everyone seem to link it to a different stage of their sound with the way they put the mixing and production together this time around. We also touch on his personal writing process and how incredible it is to him to be able to have their music transcend into other forms of art like the upcoming graphic novel!

Watch the chat we had with vocalist Jarkko from the Finnish melodeath outfit Bloodred Hourglass about their upcoming new album ‘Your Highness’!

Watch the chat we had with Markus Vanhala about the new Insomnium EP ‘Argent Moon’, the upcoming new work of Omnium Gatherum and his new black metal project I Am The Night!

Watch the interview with Lukas Kerk from the new German melodeath band Hiraes about their debut album ‘Solitary’, the dangers of pyrotechnics and their excitement for the future of the band.

A chat with the remaining members of Bodom After Midnight about their EP ‘Paint the Sky with Blood’, working with Alexi Laiho and the possible future.

Watch the chat we had with Mors Subita about their new album “Extinction Era” and what they did different this time around.