Finnish heavy metal band Oceanhoarse has returned! With new single ‘Killer & the Queen’ and a new line-up, they’re ready to continue their quest to bring proper metal to people around the world!

Togo based metallers Arka’n Asrafokor share another important message with their latest single ‘The Truth’, another track from their upcoming album ‘Dzikkuh’, set for release in May via Reigning Phoenix Music!


A couple of weeks ago, Ektomorf brought their ‘Vivid Black Over Europe Tour 2024’ to the South of Heaven venue in Bilzen, Belgium, and supported by Inmate, Serpents and Tag My Heart brought the house down!

With 3 bands being shining lights for (the future of) metal, and all 3 of them having a brand-new album in their pocket, Amaranthe, Dragonforce and Infected Rain turned Black Box Helsinki into a true celebration of heavy music about a month ago!

French groove/nu metal thrash monsters Rage Behind have returned with a relentless new single ‘The Hands Of Revenge’, which was earlier to be found as a bonus track on their debut album released at the end of last year via Atomic Fire Records (Reiging Phoenix Music)!

Togolese metal outfit Arka’n Asrafokor present their latest single ‘Angry God Of Earth’ and launched the pre-orders for their upcoming album ‘Dzikkuh’, set for release in May via Reigning Phoenix Music!

UK heavyweights Shrapnel announced their upcoming album ‘In Gravity’, to be released in May via Candlelight Records and shared the new single and video ‘Amber Screams’, inspired by their love for bands like Alice In Chains, Deftones and Gojira!

“The Great Metal Circus 2024” landed in Helsinki, where Avatar turned being at Tavastia that night into something absolutely spectacular and memorable! And the support Æther Realm came all the way from the US to Finland for the very first time, doing a great job at warming up the crowd!

Avatar dropped by the legendary Helsinki venue Tavastia on their “The Great Metal Circus 2024” tour, bringing their visual spectacle and theatrics properly to Finland. With them they brought the US metallers of Æther Realm, really blowing up the night!