EDITORIAL PICKS: 8 bands you need to see at Tuska 2024 on day 2

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While the big names at a festival are almost a given as being a must-see, we like to pick out some acts that hold a lot of promise and/or deserve to get some more attention than they are at this point or are simply so amazing that you can't miss out on them. So come on in and discover what bands we think you should see live while you're at the second day of Tuska 2024:


(13:30-14:15 - Open Air II)

Originally from Catalonia, Spain, this international collective has been quickly growing in popularity with their DIY attitude and unique blend of styles delivering absolute bangers in the modern metal atmosphere! Apparently so much, that recently they got to sign to the UNFD label, which houses many big names in the modern heavy music scene. And now they finally are making it to the Finnish shores, so don’t miss out on these future greats and go sing, dance and mosh to the music of these wonderful galls and lads!


(14:15-15:15 - Karhu Main Stage)

They’ve been to Finland a couple of times now and always received a warm welcome. VOLA has this unique style of progressive music, and these lovely dudes from Iceland know how to deliver a captivating show that’ll take you to another plane for a moment. We’re curious if it’s going to translate as well on that big Tuska main stage, but nevertheless, it’ll be a show you won’t want to miss out on!


(15:15-16:15 - Open Air II)

These young guys, originally from Sweden, have come all the way from the US to bring their fun and upbeat songs to brighten up the day for the Tuska crowd. Recently, Solence released the track ‘A Banger A Day Keeps The Doctor Away’ and we were thoroughly impressed with the whole package. So much so, that we’re going to make sure we don’t miss their show, because we got damn curious how it’ll translate to the stage! See you there!

St. Aurora

(17:00-17:45 - KVLT stage by Inferno)

The young rebel rousers of St. Aurora have been shaking up things in the Finnish music scene, and now you can catch them at Tuska! Their blend of alternative rock and nu metal like music is catchy as hell, has often quite the message talking about mental health (issues) and rebelling against the mainstream. We’ve caught a couple of their live shows in the past, and we can promise you it’ll be a very energetic and fun performance that won’t leave you untouched!

Make Them Suffer

(19:15-20:15 - Open Air II)

All the way from Australia, comes the up-and-coming metalcore/modern metal outfit Make Them Suffer! A rare sight on the Finnish shores, you’ll want to mark this in your schedule! Expect some banging music, groovy riffs and damn catchy tunes, we highly recommend them, we have the feeling they’ll bring one of the top performances of the weekend…

I Am Your God

(19:30-20:30 - KVLT Stage by Inferno)

You’re sad there is no more Children of Bodom? And you like old school Bullet For My Valentine? Stop and listen: you need to go see I Am Your God. These young guys all the way from the north of Finland are quite the sight to behold live. Energy through the roof and an explosive show reminiscent of some of metal music greats back in the start of their careers. Especially if you’re coming from outside of Finland, GO SEE THEM!

Bring Me The Horizon

(22:25-23:55 - Radio City Stage)

Just like with the headliner of the Friday, a lot more “old school” metalheads were not all too happy about seeing Bring Me The Horizon being lined up as the headliner for today. But there is simply no denying that these guys are quickly becoming one of the biggest modern rock/metal acts around. We saw them live some years ago at Knotfest Finland in the middle of the day, and they were already pretty impressive. And looking it what they can do with a headline spot, going on how massive fire pit to hell was they opened up at Download festival last year, we’re super excited to see what we’re going to get when they close Tuska Saturday!

The Abbey

(22:30-23:30 - KVLT stage by Inferno)

A quite young band, but one that contains a lot of pedigree, with stellar musicians from the Finnish scene from bands like Hexvessel, The Man-Eating Tree, Shape of Despair, Sentenced, etc. If you loved the old school occult Ghost sound from the first couple of albums, with the doominess and progginess cranked up quite a few levels, you won’t want to skip their show. The music is stellar, the compositions captivating and mesmerizing, and live they’re simply great, as has been proven when they provided support for acts like Solstafir and Insomnium when they had shows in Finland not too long ago. Masterfully doomy, and catchy on all the right spots.

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