5 reasons to go to SteelChaos 2022

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Ever since we established a second base in Finland for our site, we've supported Steelfest Open Air Festival and all the events coming from the same group of organizers. When they started to do a smaller scale Winter edition of their main festival, we've been more than happy to attend to these celebrations of all that is dark, unholy, underground and extreme. If you weren't convinced yet that you should attend to SteelChaos 2022, out of the sheer promise of quality and uncompromising music, let us try to convince you still...

1. Be part of the glorious return

Ever since they organized SteelChaos, it took place at the legendary Nosturi venue in Helsinki. Sadly, they were forced to abandon this perfect environment because they were about to tear down the musical landmark in the capital city of Finland. They found a new home in the the old familiar grounds of the main fest, planning to keep SteelChaos where the indoors stage of Steelfest usually is. The pandemic fucked with the first edition to take place here and they had to stick to live streaming on their own platform SteelTV. But now they’re back at full force for the glorious return of SteelChaos at the new location and we bet you’d love to be part of this milestone in the history of the event!

2. A stellar Finnish line-up

As is the norm with any edition of SteelChaos, just like the bigger Steelfest, there is always a stellar collection of bands from the Finnish underground scene and this time is no different.

On the Friday, you can catch the heavy metal traditionalists of Satan’s Fall opening besides death metal outfit Malicious, the black thrashers of Flame and absolute legends Barathrum.

On the Saturday there is an impressive list of bands with the wacko opener Tupe Karppinen & Turvonneet Huulet Orchestra that will bring music from the darkest depths of alcoholism, depression, Finnish folk and schlager, the recent addition to the black metal scene Caestus, heavy/speed metallers Chevalier, death metal/grindcore from Cadaveric Incubator, classic heavy metal with Lord Fist and a thundering death metal set from Torture Killer.

At this year’s edition of SteelChaos it seems there is somewhat of a lower amount of black metal with in exchange some more proper old school heavy metal, which especially on the Saturday really fits considering the headliner of that day.

3. International names

Now that traveling is again somewhat more normal than what it’s been the past years, they can bring some topnotch international names to the SteelChaos stage as well. And yet again, they managed to get hold of some exciting names:

On the Friday, we’re all too excited to see Belphegor return to the Finnish stages with their brand new ‘The Devils’ album just recently released and as the headliner the Swedish melodic black/death metal legends Sacramentum!

On the Saturday, there is the Italian Sadist that will surely blow some minds with their progressive death metal and brand new album ‘Firescorched’ and one more act that is so special, it deserves it’s own spot…

4. The exclusive Venom Inc. show

The headliner on Saturday is no one less than Venom Inc., originally the reunion of the Venom line-up era ‘Prime Evil’ album and now their own entity with Demolition Man (bass & vocals), original Venom member Mantas (guitars) and War Machine (drums). And while they just recently released their brand new full-length ‘There’s Only Black’, they are coming to Finland for a completely different reason.

As Venom is considered by many “the first black metal band”, Venom Inc. will be playing a special ‘Black Metal’ 40 years anniversary gig, celebrating a milestone in heavy metal history that played a major part in the creation of the genre Steelfest and related events are heralding. An exclusive show for Finland that you simply can’t miss out on!

5. The location & atmosphere

The fact that SteelChaos now takes place at the old familiar grounds where Steelfest takes place every year, feels like coming home. The indoors venue they’ll be using is basic yet spacious and perfect for some proper metal fun. They promised there will be a tent constructed right next to the venue for some food trucks and a beer garden so you can have some quiet time with your food and drinks in the warmth if you so need to.

But overall, the thing that is really appealing to any Steelfest related event, is the atmosphere. Even when you don’t know anyone there, it always is like you’re with family. A dark and twisted one, but one that is always there with a warm heart and open arms to celebrate the music we all hold dear the most. Friendly staff, helpful security and great bands and music with some proper beers, what more do you want?

Steelchaos 2022 takes place Friday October 21 and Saturday October 22 at the inside hall of Vanha Villatehdas in Hyvinkää.

Tickets are still available here.

We hope to see you there to celebrate some good metal music and have a beer with us!

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