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OCTOBER FALLS mainman reveals WOODEN THRONE and sets release date for PURITY THROUGH FIRE debut

Mikko Lehto from October Falls reveals his new project Wooden Throne, release date of the upcoming Purity Through Fire debut and a first track!

CRADLE OF FILTH started pre-order for new album “Existence Is Futile” + unveiled first single and hellish music video for ‘Crawling King Chaos’

Legendary Cradle of Filth unleashes hell once again with the new track 'Crawling King Chaos', from the upcoming album 'Existence is Futile'!

HAUTAKAMMIO set release date for new PURITY THROUGH FIRE album and reveal first track

Titan in the Finnish black metal scene, Hautakammio unveil their upcoming new album 'Pimeyden Kosketus', out in September via Purity Through Fire!

Brand new black metal project SCHAVOT announces release date debut and details

Dutch black metal musician Floris announced the debut album 'Galgenbrok' from his brand new project Schavot!

BONEHUNTER premiered new track ‘Parasite Eve’!

The Finnish misfits of blackened speed outfit Bonehunters unleash hell yet again with another track from their upcoming album 'Dark Blood Reincarnation System'!

SOLACIDE set release date for new SATURNAL album and revealed first track

Finnish black metal outfit Solacide announced their upcoming Saturnal Records album 'Fall From Eternity' and unleash a first track upon the world!

Thronum Vrondor – Dies Tenebrosa Sicut Nox

Thronum Vrondor on their fourth album has combined subtle atmosphere and a twisted concoction of modern melodic black metal.

Open Air (Black) Metal Market presented by Immortal Frost Productions

Belgian underground label Immortal Frost Productions announce a second edition of their Open Air Market, bringing the best they have to offer for you to go and pick up!

Necronautical’s “Necropsychonautics” video has landed

UK black metal act Necronautical unleashes the video for 'Necropsychonautics', a track from their upcoming album 'Slain In The Spirit', out in August via...