News Posts

Finland’s White Death set the release date for their new album ‘Iconoclast’ for December 29th via Werewolf Records and reveal the first tracks!

UK’s Master’s Call finally unleashed their debut album ‘A Journey For The Damned’ today via Fireflash Records, and to celebrate shared a video for the track ‘Damnation’s Black Winds’ and announced tour dates for next year!

UK black metal outfit Úlfarr set release date for debut album ‘Orlegsceaft’ on December 21st, via Purity Through Fire, and share a first track with ‘…Hie Dygel Lond’!

Dutch black metal duo Wrang released a lyric video for the single ‘Haatspraak’, which is the title track for their upcoming EP, set for release in 2024 via Dominance Of Darkness Records!

French extreme metal stalwarts Hyrgal have started their aural assault on French soil yesterday, and shared a video for the new track ‘Nihil Est’!

Necrowretch announced their upcoming album ‘Swords of Dajjal’ to be released via Season of Mist, and summons the dead on first single ‘Numidian Knowledge’!

Metal icon Ihsahn announced his new self-titled concept album to be released via Candlelight Records / PIAS in 2 versions: regular and orchestral! And shared a frenetic first single with ‘Pilgrimage To Oblivion’ plus the orchestral version…

Italian blackened death trio Voltumna to release EP ‘For Death Is Fate’ early next year, and unveiled an official video for the first single ‘Black Science’.

German black metal outfit Atronos announced their new album ‘Erwachen’ to be released on December 21st via Purity Through Fire and unleashed a first track with ‘Was uns so schrecklich hasst’.

US dystopian black metal band Abhoria announced their sophomore album ‘Depths’ set for release via Prosthetic Records early next year and unleashed the first massive single ‘The Well’!

Photo Reports

The Polish black metal institution Batushka brought their unholy sermon to the halls of Helsinki’s Vanha Ylioppilastalo and brought with them the Russian pagans of Arkona, the pretty epic Canadian Aeternam and Latvian vikings of Varang Nord!

Hexvessel turned, with the support of Unfyros, Kuudes Linja in Helsinki into a magically doomy place filled with smoke, and darkness.

Polish metal icons BEHEMOTH! are roaming through Europe with their ‘Deathless Summer Tour 2023’ and struck down at Substage in Karlsruhe, Germany with the support of Hypocrisy and SpiritWorld. A gorgeous night of some of the best metal the world has to offer right now, and extreme temperatures despite no pyro being used.

The outdoor stage on the 2nd day of Steelfest XI was the place for explosive and often high velocity performances by Tsatthoggua, Sex Messiah, Grenadier, Witchtrap, Kalmankantaja and Behexen!

The second day of Steelfest XI delivered another serving of proper dark underground and extreme metal on the indoors stage with performances from Gravespawn, Ymir, Infernal, Totalselfhatred, Ride For Revenge, Gehenna and Carpathian Forest!

The kings of weed metal Bongzilla brought the smoke with them to a packed house at Kuudes Linja in Helsinki, Finland and delivered their usual absolutely crushing wall of sound to a highly anticipating crowd. Support came from the Finnish black metal outfit Frigid Winter.

The first day of Steelfest XI also brought a series of explosive and high energy performances to the outdoor stage with Azazel, Utuk Xul, Nocturnal Sorcery, Loits, Pest and Deströyer 666!

On Ascension day, Steelfest XI brought a great collection of stellar underground bands to the festival’s indoor stage with Coraxul, Nattverd, Hail Conjurer, Sacrilegious Impalement, The Committee, Horna and Marduk on the first day of the 3-day fest!

On 19 March 2023 US death metal legends Cannibal Corpse were destroying the stage in Stuttgart, on their European Spring Tour 2023. Stormruler, Ingested and Dark Funeral were completing the line-up for a great death & black metal night.

Gig Reports

Last month, we got to go to the very last stop of the Polish black metal collective Batushka “Black Pilgrimage tour 2023” at Vanha Ylioppilastalo in Helsinki, with the good company of Arkona, Aeternam and Varang Nord!

Earlier this year, Hexvessel released their new album ‘Polar Veil’ via Svart Records, taking the psychedelic folk rock towards the black metal origins of their leader Mat “Khvost” McNerney. And to celebrate the release, they did a few release shows in Finland, of which we got to enjoy the captivating Helsinki show in Kuudes Linja, with support from Unfyros.

Gaerea finally made it to Helsinki and they came, saw and absolutely conquered! With support from local black metal outfit Venenum Dei, the sold out On The Rocks turned out to be an intense evening of stellar music and performances! A production by Nem Agency and Loose Mind Productions.

Saor amazed us at Tiivistämö in Helsinki a good week ago with their mesmerizing soundscape, very special guests …and Oceans and support from Marrasmieli!

Imperial Triumphant came to Helsinki, Finland to get our minds blown with support from the Finnish prog death act Devenial Verdict!

While concerts in Belgium have to be cancelled due to Covid just over the French border in Lille L’Aéronef is about to vibrate on it’s foundations at least one more night with the experimental beats of Igorrr and Horskh.

By performing ‘Mestarin Kynsi’ in full, Oranssi Pazuzu brought the cosmic soundscapes of their psychedelic and progressive black metal into our living rooms

On the 22nd of February I really had to pull myself together to leave to the venue of the Circus in Helsinki. This because it was a very, very windy, rainy and stormy Saturday evening in Finland. Reason to get some courage was the “Verisäkeet Alive”-show of Finnish band Moonsorrow, and one of the possible […]