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Belgian black metal outfit Spectral Damnation signed to Necktwister for the release of new album “Extra Æcclesiam” and future bookings! And shared the first single ‘Serpent on a Cross’, including a captivating video!

Finnish black metal Ondfødt unleashed first single ‘Dödsrejson’ from upcoming album ‘Det Österbottniska Mörket’, set for release in April via Black Lion Records!

UK black metal trio Dawn Ray’d shared new single/video ‘Ancient Light’, from their upcoming new album ‘To Know The Light’ out via Prosthetic Records in March!

After the unholy return of Mystic Circle last year, they’re already back with new material through the single/video ‘The Scarecrow’ from upcoming album ‘Erzdämon’, out in March via Fireflash Records!

Danish black metal duo Angstskríg returns with their sophomore album ‘Angstskríg’ and shares first single ‘Vishedens Ulidelige Lethed’ via Despotz Records now!

Flemish black metal project Oerheks set release date for new demo ‘Landschapsanachronismen’, out via Amor Fati Productions next month!

Norwegian black metallers Tulus shared first single ‘Isråk’ and documentary of their upcoming album ‘Fandens Kall’, set for release via Soulseller Records next month!

Atmospheric/depressive black metal project Winds Of Tragedy to release haunting new album ‘Hating Life’ via Meuse Music Records and Tragedy Productions in February!

American black/death metal outfit Malefic Throne, with members of bands like Morbid Angel, Origin and Angelcorpse, signed to Agonia Records!

Last week, black metal outfit Imperium Dekadenz presented their gloomy new single and video ‘November Monument’, from their upcoming album ‘Into Sorrow Evermore’, set for release via Napalm Records in January!

Photo Reports


Rising stars in the melodeath realms, Aephanemer is touring, and we visited them on their stop at The Black Lab in Wasquehal, France. Warm up act were black folk metallists Sorcières.

On a wintry and snowy night in Helsinki, the Scottish atmospheric black outfit Saor blew us away with an amazing show at Tiivistämö with special guests …and Oceans and openers Marrasmieli!

Grilling season was figuratively and quite literally opened when The European Siege tour starring Unto Others, Carcass, Behemoth and Arch Enemy hit Jäähalli in Helsinki with their first sold out show of the tour.

Steelchaos day 2 was yet another spectacle, both musically and visually, with shows from Chevalier, Horna, Cadaveric Incubator, Torture Killer, Lord Fist and the epic “Black Metal” anniversary celebration by Venom Inc.!

Steelchaos is always a fantastic event to get to take pictures at, especially with on day 1 shows from Satan’s Fall, Malicious, Flame, Barathrum, Belphegor and Sacramentum!

Gaahls Wyrd is going from city to city in Europe, spreading their dark tunes with the support of their label mates Gaerea and at the stop at the Backstage in Munich Winterfylleth!

On a Sunday autumn evening in Finland we saw total Polish death metal takeover of On The Rocks Helsinki with Vader, Hate and Thy Disease at on of the stops on the “Final Declaration Northern Tour 2022”! For a Sunday, there was quite the massacre unleashed in the pit!

An intense last day of Steelfest 2022 with performances of Blood Chalice, Alfahanne, Kalmankantaja, Valkyrja, Antimateria and Taake!

Pictures of the 3rd day of the special 10th anniversary edition of Steelfest!

Album Reviews

“Into Sorrow Evermore” truly reflects the sonic aspects of these talented musicians which seems a perfect combination of atmosphere and grim black metal. Imperium Dekadenz has become true masters of their craft in capturing the quintessence of atmospheric black metal where each track showcases different styles of melodic and atmospheric black metal. Out on January 20 via Napalm Records.

With “Aamongandr” Satanic Warmaster retains its status in Finnish and European black metal, every nuance of the following eight tracks makes the new album close to a masterwork. The sheer brilliance of the effective riffs and the stellar production, and the addition of the orchestration will make you behold the greatness of the composition. Released via Werewolf Records.

Erzfeynd second full-length album “Muspilli” invokes pagan and medieval atmospheres, mastermind Nahdrut Herlarecks utilizes a vast composition and brings a grandeur saga to his sonic oeuvre and with the music woven into grand atmospheric qualities. Out on Ván Records.

Erzfeynd’s full-length album “Behaft Behert” takes you back to the ancient medieval times, this is a fresh take on atmospheric and raw black metal, if you are into bands like Troll, Manes and Abigor then this is for you. Out via Ván Records.

“Never Surrender” is much of a continuation to its predecessor but the quartet stampedes into a wildfire like tempos, the songs are fast, relentlessly aggressive, and infectious. Deströyer 666 has returned with impressive work that conveys the classic hallmarks of heavy/speed and blackened thrash metal, released via Season of Mist.

Darkthrone on its 20th album tackles the old era of traditional metal in a very conventional method. Although some of the tracks may lack the raw organic sound, nevertheless “Astral Fortress” is an epic blackened and doom-laden heavy metal record that is gritty and bold to its core! Out via Peaceville Records.

Swiss black metal duo Ateiggär on the first studio album “Tyrannemord” incorporates something rare that makes their music one of a kind, this is a great Nordic-inspired piece of a symphonic black metal that comes similar to bands like Kvist. Out via Eisenwald.

“Naa Skrider Natten Sort” is without doubt one of the best albums in black metal this year, Djevel has aptly presented themselves as true disciples next to bands like Whoredom Rife and Mare. With its beautiful atmosphere and grim melodies it is an epic black metal album with the songwriting and composition making it an instant classic. Out since today via Aftermath Music.

Ymir’s sophomore release “Aeons of Sorrow” invokes the cold icy melodies of the mid-nineties Finnish black metal, mastermind Vrasjarn maintains the characteristic sound of the band and for this reason, the new album will appeal to many fans of the genre. Released via Werewolf Records.

”Viscera” is a sonic nightmare sustained by the abrasive elements of blackened death doom, Strigoi depicts utter bleakness and redefines its style where the band takes a logical step forward from the debut album. Released via Season of Mist.