The esteemed Dutch metal band Slechtvalk signed with MDD Records for the release of their upcoming album this fall, the first after an 8-year hiatus since their last release!

Join Canada’s Forsaken Rite on their epic folk metal quest with their latest single ‘The Storm’!

Last year, we met up with Mikko and Juho of Valkeat shortly before the release of their 2nd full-length album ‘Fireborn’ (released via Reaper Entertainment) to talk about how things came together and how they have a mission to create modern folk metal incorporating the kantele and being inspired by Finnish legends and poetry.

Finnish folk metal outfit Folkrim shared their new single ‘Suoherran Hovi’, a track from their anticipated new album ‘Embers’, set for release in April via Rockshots Records!

German folk metal sensation Feuerschwanz unleashed ‘The Unholy Grail’, their very first original song written in English, and a track from their upcoming milestone album ‘Warriors’, set for release in May via Napalm Records!

Dark folk/blackgaze outfit Suldusk celebrated the release of their new album ‘Anthesis’ on Napalm Records with the new single and music video ‘Mythical Creatures’!

Norway’s progressive Viking folk black metal quintet Borknagar returns with the stunning new album “Fall”. The 12th studio album captures the essence of Borknagar where the band continues its legacy, released last Friday via Century Media.

Faroe Islands viking metal collective Týr is set to release their new album ‘Battle Ballads’ in April via Metal Blade Records and shared a new single with ‘Axes’!

Tuska has confirmed 16 more names for the 2024 edition with Stratovarius, HEALTH, Lord Of The Lost, Eivør, Elvenking, Devourment, St. Aurora, Assemble the Chariots, I AM YOUR GOD, Swansong, Krypta, Sadistic Drive, Prestige, Putro In Black, SICK URGE and Dome Runner! Get your tickets now before the price increase in a couple of weeks!

What bands are you happy with this time? And what bands are you still hoping for?

Melodic death metal and Scottish folk music duo Hand Of Kalliach signed to Prosthetic Records for the release of their upcoming album ‘Corryvreckan’ next month and celebrate with the new single ‘Fell Reigns’!