Tomorrow it’s again that time of the year: Tuska weekend is upon us! If somehow you weren’t convinced yet that you need to go, here are 10 reasons we believe should be enough motivation to still get a ticket if any are available still! Going from a great line-up, to Tuska KVLT, Tuska Expo expanding further and simply an amazing atmosphere! See you there!

Italian neoclassical and darkwave veterans Ataraxia pay homage to Mexico and Latin America with their new music video for the single ‘Viriditas’, another track from their upcoming album ‘Centaurea’, set for release in May via The Circle Music!

Italian neoclassical and darkwave veterans Ataraxia unveiled the new song and video ‘Galen’, a track from their upcoming 29th studio album ‘Centaurea’, set for release in May via The Circle Music!

Darkwave/post-punk duo Yama Uba released their debut full-length ‘Silhouettes’ via Psychic Eye and Ratskin Records last Wednesday!

Portuguese outfit Ponte Del Diavolo dance with the devil on ‘Covenant’, another spellbinding single and video from their upcoming self-titled album set for release next month via Season of Mist!

Mark took it easy in 2023 and offers a selection of pictures of the handful of shows that he covered with his photography, mostly in the realm of new wave, old school electronic music, experimental and pop music with Self Esteem, Gary Numan, Heaven 17, Martyn Ware and friends, and Utopia Strong!

Our resident extreme metal reviewer Mazen has a selection of stellar (mostly) black and death metal releases as his favorite of the year with Sulphur Aeon, Varathron, Moonlight Sorcery, Cruciamentum, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Asphodelus, Marduk, …And Oceans, and Cirith Ungol!

Ponte Del Diavolo is weaving a unique blend of doom and black with a touch of old school and a modern, avant-garde twist on their upcoming album ‘Fire Blades From the Tomb’, set for release in February 2024 via Season of Mist and share a first single with ‘Demone’!

Lord of the Lost wrapped up their year with a mini tour in Finland, that ended with a sold out gig at Olympia-kortteli in Tampere, with as support Rain Diary and Gothminister. An event by TuskaLive and Grey Beard Concerts & Management that served as the perfect last show in 2023 for our photographer!

GVLLOW has dropped a brand new video for a new re-recorded, remixed and remastered version of his darkwave track ‘Last Dance’, out via Sumerian Records!