Insect Ark announced their new album ‘Raw Blood Singing’ to be released in June via Debemur Morti Productions and shared a first song with ‘Youth Body Swayed’!

New Zealand death metal trio Ulcerate are back with another highly-anticipated new album ‘Cutting the Throat of God’ set for release in June via Debemur Morti Productions and unleashed a first song with ‘The Dawn is Hollow’!

Hungarian avant-garde outfit Thy Catafalque are about to embark on their very first European headline tour in March and April with the support of The Answer Lies In The Black Void!

Dutch avant-garde death metal act The Monolith Deathcult are presenting their upcoming album ‘The Demon Who Makes Trophies Of Men’, set for release in April via Human Detonator Records, by unleashing the title track!

In case you missed it, Norway’s pioneers of avantgarde/progressive black metal Borknagar released the single ‘Nordic Anthem’ last week, another taste of the upcoming album ‘Fall’ set for release next month and an absolutely empowering tune!

Ihsahn released the final single to be taken from his forthcoming self-titled album with ‘The Distance Between Us’ to prepare yourself for the release in February via Candlelight Records!

With Glenn’s selection of his albums of the year, there is a bunch of metalcore, deathcore, djent and some surprising entries with Thy Art Is Murder, Avenged Sevenfold, Within Temptation, Tesseract, Avatar, In Flames, Sleep Token, Periphery, Invent Animate, and Chelsea Grin!

Our resident extreme metal reviewer Mazen has a selection of stellar (mostly) black and death metal releases as his favorite of the year with Sulphur Aeon, Varathron, Moonlight Sorcery, Cruciamentum, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Asphodelus, Marduk, …And Oceans, and Cirith Ungol!

The legendary Ihsahn released second single/video ‘Twice Born’ from the upcoming self-titled album, set for release in February 2024 via Candlelight Records!