If you are still looking for a great summer destination, here are 10 festivals that might make Finland the ideal place to go for you with #Horizon23, Rockfest, Tuhdimmat Tahdit, Nummirock, Tuska, John Smith Festival, SaariHelvetti, Dark River Festival, Hellsinki Metal Festival and Flow Festival!

Thy Catafalque released third track ‘Testen Túl’ from the upcoming ‘Alföld’ album, set for release next month via Season of Mist!

Dødheimsgard’s sixth album “Black Medium Current” is a landmark in the realms of avant-garde music. Mastermind Vicotnik shows how versatile the band has become and delivers a trance-like atmosphere, hypnotic industrial beats embedded with beautiful synth textures, out via Peaceville Records! Don’t miss out on getting to hear some of this masterpiece live for the first time at Steelfest in Finland next month!

Avant-garde outfit Thy Catafalque shared the 2nd single from the upcoming album ‘Alföld’ (set for release in June via Season of Mist) with the track ‘A csend hegyei’!

Pictures of an exciting first day of Hellsinki Metal Horizons 2022 with Oddland, Vulture Industries, Manticora, Humanity’s Last Breath, MyGrain and SHINING!