Tuska 2023 promises to be quite the exciting edition again with a great line-up with something for everyone, the biggest ever “Tuska Expo” in its history and plenty of other stuff to discover! If you’re planning to go, we listed some info in a nice little preview…

The second day of Steelfest XI delivered another serving of proper dark underground and extreme metal on the indoors stage with performances from Gravespawn, Ymir, Infernal, Totalselfhatred, Ride For Revenge, Gehenna and Carpathian Forest!

Dødheimsgard’s sixth album “Black Medium Current” is a landmark in the realms of avant-garde music. Mastermind Vicotnik shows how versatile the band has become and delivers a trance-like atmosphere, hypnotic industrial beats embedded with beautiful synth textures, out via Peaceville Records! Don’t miss out on getting to hear some of this masterpiece live for the first time at Steelfest in Finland next month!

Polish shapeshifters Entropia, mixing psychedelic black metal with krautrock, electronics and sludge, announced their 4th album ‘Total’ to be unleashed upon the world in March 2023 via Agonia Records!

Cybergrind outfit Thotcrime unleashed another crazy single with ‘This Is My Breakdown, I Get To Pick The Music’ from their upcoming Prosthetic Records album ‘D1G1T4L_DR1FT’ out next month!

Pictures of an exciting first day of Hellsinki Metal Horizons 2022 with Oddland, Vulture Industries, Manticora, Humanity’s Last Breath, MyGrain and SHINING!

The first full day of Hellsinki Metal Horizons 2022 delivered on plenty of proggy, intense and simply weird stuff with Oddland, Vulture Industries, Manticora, Humanity’s Last Breath, MyGrain and Shining!

Pictures of a crazy show by Imperial Triumphant and Devenial Verdict at On The Rocks in Helsinki, Finland!

Imperial Triumphant came to Helsinki, Finland to get our minds blown with support from the Finnish prog death act Devenial Verdict!