German brutal death surf metal mongers Stillbirth unleashed the vicious new single ‘Rising From The Ashes’, from the upcoming album ‘Homo Deus’, set for release next month via Distortion Music Group!

“Reality Rotten to the Core” sums up the extreme side of the eighties grindcore music, the Japanese quartet FesterDecay managed to deliver a putrid mix of grindcore and death metal that brings a breath of the rotten stench to the mortuary. Out via Everlasting Spew Records.

Dutch grindcore unit Suffering Quota shared a video for the new track ‘Out’ from the upcoming new album ‘Collide’, set for release in May via Lower Class Kids Records, 7Degrees Records and Tartarus Record

Knotfest is expanding its emerging artist brand, Pulse of the Maggots, by teaming up with SXSW for a powerhouse showcase featuring some of the brightest emerging bands like The Callous Daoboys, Creeping Death, Escuela Grind, Militarie Gun, Soul Glo and VCTMS!

Finnish masters of grindcore Rotten Sound unleashed yet another scathing track upon the world with ‘Renewables’, from their upcoming album ‘Apocalypse’, out at the end of the month via Season of Mist!

Finnish grindcore legends Rotten Sound unleash ‘Nothingness’ from upcoming album ‘Apocalpyse’, out next month via Season of Mist. It’s a blistering and short track, don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

Finnish grindcore legends Rotten Sound shared the new track & video ‘Suburban Bliss’, another track from upcoming ablum ‘Apocalypse’, out in March via Season of Mist!

Long-running deathgrind outfit Cattle Decapitation is set to release their next full-length ‘Terrasite’ in May via Metal Blade Records!

Finnish deathgrinders Sonic Poison premiered 3 new tracks in anticipation of their new album ‘Eruption’, out at the end of the month via Me Saco Un Ojo Records and Pulverised Records.

Finnish grindcore legends Rotten Sound announced their upcoming new album ‘Apocalypse’ to be released in March via Season of Mist and unleashed a first track with ‘Sharing’!