Danish melodeath act Chronicle unleashed the single ‘Terrorform’ with a lyric video, first track of the upcoming new album out in May via Mighty Music!

Finnish heavy metal monsters Lordi announce their upcoming new album ‘Screem Writers Guild’ to be released in March via Atomic Fire Records and unleash first single ‘Lucyfer Prime Evil’!

After years of waiting Pain finally made it back to Finland! We made it to their show at Olympia-Kortteli in Tampere, organised by Nem Agency. Finnish modern metallers Detset also did a great job as their support.

German veterans of Heavy Metal Grave Digger are back on tour with their ‘Knights and Riots Tour 2023’. Together with Cellar Stone from Greece and Mystic Prophecy they entered the stage at LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart, Germany on 17th January 2023.

Prog and Wheel of Time fans, gather around! Because Red Cain is back with the new single ‘Blight’!

Melodeath act Asylence asks for ‘Eternity, Please’ with another single/video from the upcoming album ‘Endanger Us All’, out next month!

Belgian prog metal band Queen Golem released new single ‘Guidance by Light’, which concludes their era with singer Simon on vocal duties.

Scottish pirate folk outfit Anchorsmashed is back with a new track but still recovering, because they’re ‘Bloody Well Hungover’!

Finnish alternative rock act Luna Kills released another banger of a track that teeters between modern rock and metalcore with ‘Deep Cuts’!

Belgian black metal outfit Spectral Damnation signed to Necktwister for the release of new album “Extra Æcclesiam” and future bookings! And shared the first single ‘Serpent on a Cross’, including a captivating video!