Necrot – Lifeless Birth

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Four years after releasing their sophomore 'Mortal' Oakland California based death metal trio Necrot returns with utmost brutality in their third studio album 'Lifeless Birth' released April 12th, 2024, via Tankcrimes. The returning members Chad Gailey (drums), Luca Indrio (bass, vocals), and Sonny Reinhardt (guitars) are back in the game, fiercely and vicious as ever the successor offers aggressive riffs that tends to flow with technical precision as well as the progressive guitar work.

Necrot never strayed from its characteristic form. The band has evolved and managed to sound fresh. Every song bursts with old-school quality. The song structure follows the method of aggression in the opening track ‘Cut the Cord’.  The average track running is five minutes and there is a lot to say about these pounding riffs. Without losing any sense of coherence the constant bludgeoning of the drums and double bass conveys a ceaseless barrage. You don’t get to hear any intro parts or atmospheric segments instead Necrot songs are prone to heavy and intense brutality.

Lifeless Birth’ presents the undiluted formula of the band. Musically, this album has paved the way for Necrot to bring its aggressive aspects. The guitars are played at a breakneck speed with rhythms and lead enduring memorable songs. The continual influx of powerful riffs seems to inject high adrenaline insanity through the forty-minute duration. The melodies and tremolos add to the sadistic element of the beating drums. I would say the drumming work comes off as highly organic: there are blast beats, double pedals and tons of up-tempo sections in tracks like ‘Superior’. Going on all guns blazing through the hard-hitting riffs, at the same time the vocal’s guttural grunts are slightly more aggressive than they were on the previous album.

The blistering intensity on ‘Drill the Skull’ brings plenty of grooves and up-tempo sections. The impact of the bludgeoning drums is hellish. The guitar’s tone is so evil and morbid that the evilness of the rhythm section is as flawless as the tremolos which shows the songwriting standards of the band.

The immense wall of sound generated by the double bass grinds you into shreds. The song also contains plenty of grooves along with its trotting bass lines that spice up the tempo. There is no emphasis on catchy riffs, yet you can hear some melodies sweltering through these vicious riffs. There is also a good balance between brutality and speed which highlights the song’s craft.

Even the mid-tempo paces are brutal: the viciousness found in the riffing has that rotten effect. Therefore, ‘Lifeless Breath’ is one hell of a bestial death metal record. You can hear some influences from Morbid Angel’s album ‘Altars of Madness’. The album has the proto-black metal sound of the late 80s and the solos are blisteringly fast.

The song dynamics on the entire album are upfront with the bass guitar. The riffs sound morbid in tracks like ‘Winds of Hell’ and ‘Dead Memories’. This is beyond the traditional sound of Necrot and they have proved that they could pull some nasty old-school riffs, though the focus was to bring a sense of aggression to the songs without having the drums using more blast beats.

Another great aspect is how the guitar utilizes tons of tremolo and melodies which keep you hooked up to the diversity of the guitars and drums. The entire album is riff-driven, but Necrot continues to march into the fields of death with their brand of necro and morbid death metal.They have succeeded at creating a monstrous record.

The closing ‘The Curse’ is the longest track on the album being over eight minutes long. It contains some sick grooves, incendiary melodies and ferocity executed with precision in terms of song craft. The song has a visceral feel to it. There is also a sheer display of mid-tempo aggression with the solos, rhythm guitars, and double bass being on top precision and never losing the focus.


  • Music / Songwriting 7/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 7/10
  • Mix / Production 9/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 7/10
  • Originality 8/10

Necrot’s third full-length album ‘Lifeless Birth’ is a great example of how death metal can sound fundamentally raw and powerful. This comes highly recommended for fans of old-school death metal.

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