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Los Angeles, California-based death metal band Apparition crawls deep into the multiverse of cavernous death metal on their first Profound Lore Records full-length album “Feel”. Founded by Andrew Morgan (drummer, vocals), Miles McIntosh (guitar, bass), the duo was later joined by Jnut (guitars). While there are vast similarities of parallel bands in death metal today, Apparition‘s music can be defined for having unique idiosyncratic methods. Sprawling across thirty-four minutes the Los Angeles-based outfit excerpts influences from old school death metal. What’s so appealing about the album is how the songs are interweaving slow doomy sections and direct raw death metal ferociousness.  

Through such uncanny experience, the opening track “Unequilibrium” holds a bizarre vibe unleashed by mysterious guitar riffs, the resemblance to bands like Demilich is distinctly clear. With the bludgeoning of the drums and double bass setting a raw death metal sound, the guitar effects have a knack for conjuring an otherworldly atmosphere of eerie doom. The bulky guitar tone creates a dense claustrophobic atmosphere that becomes saturated with otherworldly growls and harsh blast beats. These components give the album cavernous quality, while the guitars suck you deep into the subterranean darkness. On “Drowning in the Stream of Consciousness” the harsh guitars rend the eardrum. Summoning an effective blend of filthy cavernous riffs that shifts to slow death metal passages. In one moment the rhythm ebb whereas the drums apply sporadic blasting sections. The riff often brings the eerie soundscapes of Disembowelment brewing filthy potions of old-school death metal. 

As the potent riffs come in, the towering lead guitars spiral upon the energetic drums. The guitars create a cavernous atmosphere and the music takes you into an unearthly trip full of unhinged experience while still keeping many surprises intractable. The vocals add an extra-dimensional feel to the tracks. “Nonlocality” maintains an ominous tone, the guitars are reinforced by the tectonic double bass. For one second you’ll find yourself plunging into a focused groove section when the band takes a shift towards slower death metal paces. The bass guitar is thick and full of reverb, the vocals blend the guttural growls and this is what gives the songs a sort of bleak feeling. The subtle use of keyboards provides a gloomy atmospheric tone to the horrible dread. Apparition utilizes a variety of riffs derived from the archives of American death metal. The drumming performance on “Perpetually Altered” utterly rips. There are enough blasting sections and atypical drum patterns that add so much weight to the songs. Giving the songwriting more depth Andrew Morgan interweave focused bludgeoning and technical jazz beats.  

Despite the repeated riffs, Apparition knows how to create tension there is a great deal of heavy chunky riffs among the six tracks. The band brings in some eye-raising quality and originality to the songs, every instrument demonstrates full energy. From the opening notes “Feel” settles in a swampy cavernous territory of death metal. Tracks like “Entanglement” show the talent of the drummer, it begins with odd drumming patterns while the guitar applies slow ominous chords. Apparition makes effective use of these elements the ability to swerve between infuriated tempos and slow death metal unfurls across this track. 

The vocals spew uncanny grunts whereas the drums maneuvers into bizarre technical beats. Apparition’s unique identity sets new sonic paradoxes that seem nontraditional to the style of the death metal trend. Elevating further beyond the realms of cavernous death metal the band elevates a sense of other-worldliness the final track “Feel” reflects both the unimaginable atmosphere in which the band conjures. With the slow crawling tone of the guitar chords and the brooding atmosphere, each sonic element of the band’s full-length album is worthy of your attention. As is customary for the Canadian giant label Profound Lore Records to introduce new acts to the masses this comes as highly recommend for fans of Fetid, Innumerable Forms, and Disembowelment.  

Release Date: October 22nd, 2021
Label: Profound Lore Records

  1. Unequilibrium
  2. Drowning in the Stream of Conciousness
  3. Nonlocality
  4. Perpetually Altered
  5. Entanglment
  6. Feel


  • Music9/10
  • Vocals/Lyrics9/10
  • Production8/10
  • Artwork8/10
  • Originality8/10
8.4“Feel” reflects both the unimaginable atmosphere in which the band conjures. With the slow crawling tone of the guitar chords and the brooding atmosphere, each sonic element of the band’s full-length album is worthy of your attention.
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