Album Reviews

Quebec black metal duo Incandescence’s fourth album ‘Le Coeur De L’Homme’ is an epic and somber worm of art that brings the 90s Scandinavian flair of black metal to a towering edifice.

Mortiferum has nailed their sound on the sophomore the drums are irrepressible but the swaggering cadence of lethargic tempos and the slow doom dirges are brought to focus on the sophomore makes it a classic death-doom album.

Apparition’s unique identity sets new sonic paradoxes that seem untraditional to the style of the death metal trend. And comes as highly recommend for fans of Fetid, Innumerable Forms, and Disembowelment.

Yianna Bekris gives an emotional presentation where she brings some of the most poignant and dreamy works of the year.

The six tracks on ‘Avow’ sweeps with dark and creepy undertones. Within the time run of forty-three minutes the band mixes electronic components and caustic riffs.

‘A Diabolical Thirst’ comes as a bold promulgation from the Quebec formation.

Fuoco Fatuo’s third album is essential for fans of Evoken, Thergothon and Disembowelment. ‘Obsidian Katabasis’ is one of those stellar funeral doom/death metal releases that justify the profound sound of this sub-genre.

Suffering Hour’s experimentation with claustrophobic dissonance and harmonies on the latest album is a testimony of the musical prowess.

The U.S. trio from Denver, Colorado has once again offered their latest inspiration leading them to unleash one of the most chaotic and devastating death metal albums of the year 2020.

Buy a ticket on the Iron Horse and see the frontier of the old west in all its violent glory before it finally vanishes for the ‘Hell on Wheels’ that is Wayfarer’s ‘A Romance with Violence’.