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Extreme heavy metal revivalists EVIL INVADERS announce new album

Evil Invaders announce their upcoming new album 'Shattering Reflection' and unleash what could be called a ballad for the extreme heavy metal band!

CONSVMER share new single & video “Weltbild”

Volatile hardcore outfit Consvmer unleash another track from their upcoming full-length 'Obsession' with 'Weltbild'!

VOYAGER premieres music video for brand new song, “Dreamer”

Australian proggers of Voyager are doing a throw at Eurovision with their highly infectious track 'Dreamer'!

Finnish dark metal band Kuoleman Galleria releases their third album on February 18th

Finnish dark metal outfit Kuoleman Galleria is to release their 3rd album soon, check out their latest single 'Jean Grenier'!

GHOST announce new album ‘Impera’ and share music video for first single “Call Me Little Sunshine”

The popular occult rockers of Ghost are back with another album and released a first single with 'Call Me Little Sunshine'!

HELL MILITIA announce new album and release new song “Dust of Time”

French black metal icons Hell Militia announced their upcoming 4th full-length 'Hollow Void' and unleash a first track with 'Dust of Time'!

DESERTED FEAR release new single and video for “Reborn Paradise”

German melodeath outfit Deserted Fear unleash a second single of their upcoming full-length album 'Doomsday'!

Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s STAR ONE shares new single & video for the title track from upcoming album ‘Revel In Time’

Arjen Lucassen's STAR ONE share the new single and video for the title track of upcoming album 'Revel In Time'!

SCHIZOPHRENIA unleash brand new single “Inside The Walls Of Madness”!

Belgian deathrashers of Schizophrenia unleash a new track from their upcoming new full-length 'Recollections Of The Insane'!

Ukrainian metalcore unit SPACE OF VARIATIONS announces new album ‘IMAGO’

Ukrainian band Space Of Variations announced their upcoming new album and unleash a first scathing track and video!