Ptolemea unveiled their new melody, their ‘Shamanic Lullaby’

“Shamanic Lullaby” is the fourth and last single from PTOLEMEA, before the release of their debut album, this January 21 at the Rockhal.

“Shamanic Lullaby” represents a spiritual ceremony that invites us to get carried away with confidence into a lingering gloomy atmosphere. The lullaby emphasizes on the voice chanting in harmony with the sound frequencies pulsing at the rhythm of our hearts. The energy field is then regenerated, through which a certain healing power can manifest.

“Shamanic Lullaby” was mixed by Charel Stoltz (Holz Sound, LU), mastered by Jon Tornblom of Transparent-mastering (CA) and written by Priscila Da Costa. The video was made in Luxembourg by Liv Weiss, filmed in Berdorf, the heart of Mullerthal. The main scene takes place in a cave. The air is the ally of the shaman in a full sacred ritual that rises from the creation of the magic circle, from incantations, the use of herbs, incense and other stones or sacred objects… The final scene: some may think that she is possessed but she simply sees clearly, reaching the state of levitation.

With “Shamanic Lullaby” and as Priscila explains:

“White magic is an art, the art of attracting positive outcomes and modifying any situation in our favor. With Shamanic lullaby, I wanted to share this with my community because this is a very intimate part of my life which became part of my musical universe as well…”.

In line with the three previous singles, “Inspiration” representing the Earth element, “Fado” illustrating the Fire element, “Balanced Darkness” being the Water element, “Shamanic Lullaby” is the Air element and is to be found in PTOLEMEA‘s first album (planned release on January 21, 2023 at the Rockhal Club in Esch/Alzette, LU). To subscribe on spotify: Ptolemea Spotify, and to stay connected:

With PTOLEMEA, the singer and musician Priscila Da Costa takes us on a real sonorous, visual and spiritual adventure. As its music gets created, PTOLEMEA grows more and more into an alternative and experimental style, definitely pagan rock / dark folk. This identity is unique and is reinforced by the mystical and captivating voice of Priscila.

A glimpse of the universe – The name PTOLEMEA is not insignificant. It is inspired by the astronomer and astrologer Claudius Ptolemeus who studied “the harmony – or the music of the spheres”. This theory is based on the idea that the universe is governed by harmonious numerical relationships, (…) the distances between planets corresponding to musical intervals. For the singer, the expansion of the universe is connected to the expansion of all living souls. She chose this name in a desire to share the key steps of her musical and spiritual journey which defines her identity as an artist. Also, nature is sacred and is an integral part of her approach.

The magic of this project lies in the fact that its captivating music emerges from the connection that the artist on the rise experiences with the cosmos. With her band, Sarah Kertz on synthesiser and backing vocals, Remo Cavallini on guitars and Martin Schommer on drums, Priscila harvests an innovative sound signature that allows her to create what resonates deep within her soul. The energy of this sound and her voice touches the public and it is on stage where PTOLEMEA really reveals itself!

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