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Rising Swedish hard rockers BOMBER announce new album & reveal new single

Up-and-coming Swedish hard rockers Bomber unleash a first single of their upcoming new album 'Nocturnal Creatures'!

Where’s My Bible is set to release music videos of all tracks from upcoming new EP Circle – First single Chapter I: Escape is released today!

Finnish metal outfit Where's My Bible unveiled the first video of their series of new video singles with 'Chapter I: Escape'!

New Finnish festival this Summer: Hellsinki Metal Horizons 2022

A new Finnish summer festival has been announced with Hellsinki Metal Horizons, the place to be if you intend to widen your horizons!

“Heavys”: headphones engineered for heavy metal!

A brand new project that is catered for the metal community, through support from the community. "Heavys" looks like a valued addition to the alternative scene!

Dutch psychedelic swamp rockers SMOKE sign to Argonauta Records!

The dutch rock outfit Smoke signed to Argonauta Records and celebrate with a first track!

King Satan unveiled ‘The Faces of the Devil’!

The illustrious Finnish industrial metal outfit King Satan unleashed a first track from their upcoming new album!

Dutch subterranean black metal entity ZWAARD set release date for debut EP ‘Bloed en Wijn’

Dutch black metal entity Zwaard announce their debut EP 'Bloed en Wijn' and unveil a first track from the release!

Finnish doom metal band Infirmum’s newest EP “The Great Unknown” out now!

Finnish doom metal band Infirmum has unleashed their new EP 'The Great Unknown' for your listening pleasure!

Gardenhead released another gloomy single with ‘DEVOURED’

Finnish band Gardenhead released another single of their upcoming album with a lyric video!

Alt-rock act Particles release new video for “Cheers To Revenge”

Italian alt-rock band Particles released the new video and song 'Cheers To Revenge', a track that'll get you riled up for sure!