Three Times Royal set to release new single ‘Wildfire’ next week!

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Last year, Three Times Royal came with their first single ‘Do You Know What It’s Like‘, a raw melodic metalcore song where we got to hear lead singer Iris Goessens’ scream voice most of all, followed by the equally impressive ‘Deathbells’. Now they are set to release their brand-new single ‘Wildfire’ and I can tell you, you’re in for a surprise…

Having the first single in my head, I expected to hear scream vocals right from the start. But what I heard was something totally different. You’ll be greeted with a mysterious clean guitar and a sound that fills the background beautifully, followed by a much bigger sound of electric guitars and what I assume is a synth. Then the pure, clean voice of Iris comes in. You expect a growl, but it’s not there. What is there, is an immense build up to the chorus, which is also clean but powerful because of the music that carries the vocals all the way to the top. 

Iris’ vocals get a little heavier after the chorus, and we hear a little bit of her heavier side, but the lion is not yet out of its cage. After that chorus, however, is what I have been waiting for, and more… We hear a nice fat ‘blegh’ and even a very heavy rap part. It goes by so fast, and then it’s so calm and clean again. ‘I set the house on fire just to keep us warm’, a calm and confident sentence that bursts once again out into raw instrumental power.

A beautiful build up to a mighty song. Much different than the first single, but very, very welcome. Three Times Royal keep their metalcore signature sound but added much more emotion to ‘Wildfire’. This song will be out on all major streaming platforms on October 5, 2023. 

Pre-save the single here:

Three Times Royal is:
Iris Goessens – vocals
Mayson Ivy – bass
Willa Rose Ashley – guitar

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