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Bloodywood release music video for single “Aaj”

Indian heavy metallers Bloodywood share the 2nd single of their upcoming debut album 'Rakshak'!

Backlite District – 1990

Kyle Pfeiffer aka Blacklite District released a brand new rockin' record that holds a lot of promise after getting his life back on track!

13 most anticipated releases of January 2022

First month of 2022 and there are already a bunch of really cool releases coming! Check out our 13 most anticipated releases of the month!

Beyond the Labyrinth – XXV

Great rock by the talented guys from Beyond The Labyrinth, both seated in history and contemporary sounds!

Female fronted black metal ACT DÆMONESQ shared blistering video from upcoming debut EP “The Beauty of Letting Go”

German black metal outfit Dæmonesq release a the title track from their upcoming EP 'The Beauty of Letting Go'!

Terror – Trapped In A World

A very energetic and fast hardcore album with re-recordings of some of Terror's classics that will kickstart a hardcore party.

Shocker – Shocker EP

The new Belgian metal outfit Shocker shows the decent amount of old school heavy metal they can produce with their own sound and personality!

Primal Creation – News Feed

The second album of Belgium's modern thrashers Primal Creation, sees them venturing into a slightly different sound than just straight up thrashing!

Interview Luna Kills – “Our mission is to bring joy to the people with our music”

Watch the interview we had with the people from the up-and-coming Finnish alternative rock band Luna Kills about the band, their music and the new album!

Interview Blame Me! – “There is a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making the debut album, especially tears”

Watch the chat we had with Vallu and Bini from the Finnish alternative rock outfit Blame Me! about their upcoming new album 'The Invisible You'!