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Louisville thrashers Belushi Speed Ball served up the first single ‘My Favorite Color is Pizza’ on an actual playable slice of pizza and announced their new album ‘Stellkira’ to be released in May!

The pirate misfits of The Dread Crew Of Oddwood unleashed ‘Leather Ship’, another video single of their upcoming album ‘Rust & Glory’, set for independent release next month!

Our site is dedicated to everything rock and metal with a few sidesteps in music that appeals to the same music fans like synthwave, neo (pagan) folk, industrial,… But some of us do have a taste for music and art that goes beyond these limitations. Enter “GRIMM goes rogue”: where you’ll get a metalhead, punker, rocker,… who ventures into realms beyond their usual habitat with an open mind and give their honest opinion, views and experiences.

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open."

Frank Zappa

Singer-songwriter Brigitte Mena has officially released her third studio album ‘After The Storm’ independently yesterday!

Trailblazing Swedish alternative metalcore ensemble Imminence announced their new album ‘The Black’ for independent release in April and shared the video single ‘Continuum’!

The doomsday clock advances with Kelevra’s progressive single ‘Cleanse With Fire’, another track from their upcoming album ‘Oneiric’ set for independent release in a couple of weeks!

German melodic death metal outfit Inner Sanctum unveiled the lyric video for second single ‘Era of the Idols’ from their upcoming album ‘The Great Odd Ones’, set for release next month!

Chilean/Belgian vocal powerhouse Dani Hart unleashed the first new single ‘After I’m Gone’, a track from her upcoming EP ‘Slaying Bluebeard’, scheduled for release later this year!

Canadian metal outfit Kelevra is putting a progressive spin on hateful endings with the new video/single ‘The Distance’, a track from their upcoming album ‘Oneiric’ set for release in March!

German death metallers Inner Sanctum announced the release of their 4th album ‘The Great Odd Ones’ in March and unleashed the single ‘Abgott Death Kult’ as a first venture into the eerie realm of sea gods!

Photo Reports

In honour of their latest album, Everwave played a “big band” show at Tampere’s Hönö Baari last weekend together with Golden Rot and Paha kurki.

A bit over a month ago, Aesthetic Perfection dropped by On The Rocks in Helsinki on their “American Psycho Tour”, which is the very last headlining tour of the industrial pop act! Support came from the drum n bass and industrial creatives Mechanical Vein!

Ginger Vine Management put together some of the most promising acts on their roster, which we got to enjoy as our first show of 2022 in Finland!

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Last Thursday, SKYND played their first ever London headliner show at Electrowerkz in London, and I was lucky enough to be a part of that experience. Not only was it their debut show in London, the night came with a myriad of firsts for the band.

Belgian garage rock outfit Backdoor Solution gave a very energetic show of which we got a few shots to remember their performance by…

A groovy evening at the Hard Rock Café Antwerp with rock legend Little Steven’s Underground Garage Dance Party.

Album Reviews

At the end of last month, the Swedish metalcore legends Dead By April were finally back with their latest album ‘The Affliction’, another solid album that on the one hand surprises with some really cool collaborations with other bands and artists, but on the other hand doesn’t really bring in much new. If you’re a fan of the band, you’ll love this, though!

Tampere’s Everwave are giving us an early Christmas present, with their slow roasted second album ‘Another Lifetime’ which dropped on December 1st. They spiced up their existing sound with some new elements and took their music another step forward.

Chris Maragoth just released his first album, ‘Gatherer of Souls’. Some of the songs have already been released before, and have been remastered for this album. Some songs are brand new. This album contains mostly instrumental melodic death metal/modern metal tracks, worked on by Chris alone or together with other artists, bringing a lovely collection of melodeath-inspired modern metal tracks!

Twin Temple brings that old school sound and vibe of 50s rock ‘n’ roll/RnB/doo-wop back to life in a glorious way through their message of satanism and liberation on the second full-length ‘God Is Dead’. Satanic doo-wop is an official thing now, and we’re all there for it! 

On Hexa Mera’s new album ‘Methuselarity Part 1’, the music is solid and strong, carried on a bed of melodies, and is honestly beautiful to listen to. The album comes out this Saturday March 18 and the band will be doing a release show in Nijdorp, Opwijk on the same day! Be sure to check them out and hear this solid piece of music being played live for the first time.

The Florida rockers of Fortune Child are about to release their debut full-length ‘Close to the Sun’! Get ready for some good old-fashioned rock!

Kyle Pfeiffer aka Blacklite District released a brand new rockin’ record that holds a lot of promise after getting his life back on track!

Great rock by the talented guys from Beyond The Labyrinth, both seated in history and contemporary sounds!

A very energetic and fast hardcore album with re-recordings of some of Terror’s classics that will kickstart a hardcore party.

The new Belgian metal outfit Shocker shows the decent amount of old school heavy metal they can produce with their own sound and personality!