Vocalist Dianne Van Giersbergen released new DIANNE single ‘Unleash The Siren’

Unleash The Siren‘. A very fitting title for the second single that vocalist Dianne van Giersbergen (ex-Xandria; frontwoman of Ex Libris) released last Friday under her own name DIANNE, with an allstar cast of musicians that let her recognizable signature soprano voice excel. The song is produced and co-written by Joost van den Broek (e.g. Powerwolf, Epica, Blind Guardian), with Timo Somers (ex-Delain, Ayreon) on guitar, Luuk van Gerven (ex-After Forever) on bass and Roel van Helden on drums.

Unleash the Siren‘ is again a symphonic metal pearl filled with bombast, that tells about what PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) brings with it, and how facing your demons is the only way forwards. An honest and sincere story with a victorious end, grippingly captured in an accompanying video, produced by the Dutch symphonic gothic band Blackbriar.

The song is the follow-up to DIANNE‘s debut single ‘After the Storm’, released earlier this year on Valentine’s Day. Both songs will be found on her debut full-length ‘Soulward Bound’, that will come together in an unconventional way: spread over five years, with two singles each year. By choosing to release music this way, DIANNE will present a different band line-up for every song, consisting of well-known musician friends of the vocalist.

The one consistent part in this project will be her collaboration with Joost van den Broek. ‘Soulward Bound’ embodies the drive and dedication that will guide DIANNE on this trip to find herself. The album coming together then also functions as a personal catharsis.

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