Finnish pop metal band Memoremains delivers a dose of 90s nostalgia with their new single!

Finnish pop metal band Memoremains, known for garnering over a million listens on their Melanie C cover “I Turn To You” and Madonna cover “Sorry”, is back with a fresh single titled “In The Dark”. Drawing inspiration from the 90s, the band breathes new life into this catchy tune that originally stems from a collaboration between Purple Disco Machine and Sophie and the Giants.

Discussing the creative process behind the single, the band explains:

“We have already released covers of Madonna’s ‘Sorry’ and Melanie C’s ‘I Turn To You.’ We were looking for a good song to do a new cover for a while. When we heard ‘In The Dark’ on the radio, we fell in love with it. It had a 90s vibe that fit perfectly with Memoremains’ sound.”

The song’s lyrics resonate with the band members, as they appreciate the melancholy undertones. In fact, “In The Dark” has already made its way into the band’s live set, and the response from the audience has been overwhelmingly positive.

When it comes to the band’s overall discography and artistic evolution, Memoremains views this release as a fun diversion from their original material.

“We have released two albums, so we have a lot of our own songs. Sometimes it’s fun to make a cover and see what happens,”

Memoremains hopes that their fans will connect with this new release and enjoy their unique take on the track.

“Hopefully it will reach our fans, and they’ll like it! It’s a very good version!”

Lead singer Johanna Ahonen shares her thoughts on the single:

“‘In The Dark’ is a great mix of eighties, nineties, and modern day. The original version is already a great arrangement in itself and has remained on my playlist for evening parties permanently. After considering Aleksi’s suggestion for some time, we felt that it was necessary to further refine the working composition and create a version that sounds like us. The catchiness of the song has been preserved, but we have added some jaggedness and heaviness. In my opinion, the end result turned out to be a functioning metallic pop-anthem!”

Fans can soon catch Memoremains performing their new single live, as the band is set to hit the stage in a small tour through the Baltics. Don’t miss your chance to experience “In The Dark” and the band’s infectious energy live and in person!

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