SOLACIDE set release date for new SATURNAL album and revealed first track


Saturnal Records announces September 24th as the international release date for Solacide‘s highly anticipated second album, Fall From Eternity, on CD format.

Solacide was founded by guitarist Kimmo Korhonen and drummer Matti Jauhola in 2004. In 2005, guitarist Joonas Vanhalakka and bass-player Sami Tikkanen joined the group. In April 2008, Gökhan Korkmaz joined as lead singer, and Solacide recorded the EP Baptized in Disgust, which was released in February 2009. Baptized in Disgust received many praising reviews from Finland and countries such as Germany, the UK, France, and the US. During 2009 and 2010, Solacide did gigs across Finland and Russia, and audiences acknowledged them as a professional, aggressive, and fiery live band.

In September 2013, Waves of Hate EP was released through Gravity Entertainment. The EP consisted of three studio songs and two live songs. The live tracks were recorded during Solacide‘s 2010 tour. After the EP was released, guitarist Joonas Vanhalakka decided to leave the band. Solacide went back to the studio in late 2013 to record The Finish Line, their first full-length. The album was mixed and mastered by Juho Räihä at SoundSpiral Audio in February 2014. The album was released through Via Nocturna in February 2016; at the same time, the band released their debut video “The Maze.” The Finish Line got excellent reviews around Europe, Scandinavia, and Russia.

Sami Tikkanen left in autumn 2016. In April 2017, Henri Sinokki joined. In 2018, Solacide started to record a follow-up for The Finish Line. During the recordings, the band and Gökhan decided to part ways. It took a year to find a proper singer, and in late 2019, Iiro Juntunen joined the band. The new album Fall From Eternity was mixed in the spring 2020 by Emil Pohjalainen.

A work of scything aggression and cosmic atmosphere alike, Fall From Eternity recasts Solacide in a strictly black metal context, but one that betrays a wealth of imagination and nuance. Epic and arching, dynamic as well as daring, Fall From Eternity conveys a vast landscape of dread visions and liberated emotions, of modernity and the archaic, resulting in a timeless work that’s undeniably Solacide‘s best to date.

For this new album, Solacide‘s lineup consisted of Iiro Juntunen on vocals; Kimmo Korhonen on guitars, keyboards, and vocals; Henri Sinokki on bass and keyboards; and Matti Jauhola on drums. After the album was finished, Henri switched from bass to guitar, and Sami Heinonen joined Solacide as bass-player.

It’s been a long time coming, but the best things come to those who wait. With Fall From Eternity, Solacide can now stand tall alongside such celebrated countrymen as Enochian Crescent and Ajattara as well as Negura Bunget, Winterfylleth, Khors, Cainan Dawn, and Sweden’s Skogen further afield.

In the meantime, hear the brand-new track “Forsaken by Gods” HERE at Saturnal Records‘ official YouTube channel. 

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Solacide’s Fall From Eternity
1. Fall From Eternity [6:22]
2. Forsaken By Gods [6:41]
3. Oblivion [3:07]
4. Far Beyond Reality [5:49]
5. The Coldest Night [6:03]
6. Spirit Hibernation [0:56]
7. Away From Light [10:14]


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