Finnish hybrid metal sensation Vansidian released new single and video ‘Cycle’


Finnish Hybrid Heavy Metal Band Vansidian released a new single and music video Cycle. The track is taken from the upcoming debut album Reflecting the Shadows which is set to be released on May 19th 2023.

The band comments about the Cycle single:

“The latest single from the upcoming album “Reflecting the Shadows”, titled “Cycle”, will be released on Friday, April 14, 2023. The song is one of the more ravaging tracks on the album and shakes the boundaries of the listener’s reality. Musically, the song is powerful and epic in Vansidian’s style, but especially the super catchy chorus sets it apart from other band’s releases. The narrator, who moves between the past and the future, tries to correct the flow of time in his favor. In his desperation, he travels through time and eventually believes he might find the right path.”

LISTEN to the Cycle single on streaming services:  

Vansidian is a new hybrid metal sensation, founded in Tampere, Finland year 2017. One could describe their music as a combination of melodic death metal & classical 80s heavy metal. When you add retro video game inspired melodies to this deformity. You’ll have a totally unique and otherworldly piece of music in your hands.

The band’s debut album ‘Reflecting the Shadows’ will be released through Inverse Records in 19.5.2023. The band will tour around Finland before summer, when they hit the stages of the biggest metal festival in Nordic countries: TUSKA. Accompanied by bands like: Gojira, Ghost, Arch Enemy, In Flames just to mention few:

Vansidian 2023
Matti Meri-Huhti – Lead guitar & Backing Vocals
Juha Tretjakov – Lead Vocals
Kustaa Tuori – Rhythm Guitars
Jyri Niinikoski – Bass

Former members
Joona Törmä – Drums (on the singles and the upcoming album)

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