Paledusk signed to SharpTone Records and shared new single

Japanese chaotic metalcore trio Paledusk step into new territory with triumphant new single “I’m ready to die for my friends,” featuring VIGORMAN. The fresh new single marks the first to be released with the backing of SharpTone Records, joining Australia’s own Greyscale Records.

Stream the new single here.

As the title suggests, Paledusk‘s latest single is a positive and upbeat offering, taking listeners on a rollercoaster ride through genre-defying, jubilant moments that show an energized and excitable side to the riotous three-piece. The ambitious new single welcomes VIGORMAN to the fold — a close friend and member of Japanese pop trio HENTAI SHINSHI CLUB.

Paledusk‘s diverse sound has captured the attention of music tastemakers across the world, with the band announcing their signing to mammoth record label, SharpTone Records for Europe, Africa, and the U..S. With Greyscale Records already covering Australia and New Zealand, Paledusk are on a steady path to world domination.

Paledusk, who hail from Fukuoka, Japan, have become one of the most important young bands of the new modern metal era. The trio’s sights have been set firmly on taking over the world with their unique blend of skittish instrumentals with melodramatic sprinklings since their formation in 2014.

Paledusk‘s sound is the evolution of a band that is not bound by genre. With foundations heavily rooted in metalcore and hardcore, the trio also explores and incorporates sounds inspired by hip hop, dance, pop, rock, and more, resulting in releases that break the mold as they consistently tread new ground, earning the band hundreds of thousands of listeners and a dedicated global following.

The band’s energetic and explosive live performances have been carefully crafted to captivate their audiences. Their impassioned act earned them a place at Australia’s Good Things Festival 2022 last December, where they showcased a collection of their eclectic repertoire alongside the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Deftones, NOFX, TISM, and so many more, visiting stages in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. This month saw Slipknot‘s festival KNOTFEST travel to Japan, where Paledusk took to the stage to play the inaugural event, joining Slipknot, Korn, Trivium, Parkway Drive, and more.

Inheriting the conventional digital rock feel of pioneers like Japanese experimental band The Mad Capsule Markets and English electronic dance act The Prodigy, Paledusk continue on their path, proudly leading the way for lawless metalcore, carrying the baton for the punk community and promising to keep their listeners guessing.

“I’m ready to die for my friends” is out via Greyscale Records/SharpTone Records and is streaming everywhere.

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