17 of our most anticipated releases of September 2022

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Despite all the crap the music industry’s had to endure, and will probably have to suffer through for a while longer, we were still blessed with an incredible flow of quality releases. Especially 2021 was crammed full with killer albums from start to finish. Just look at our reviews, editor’s top lists, and GRIMM’s top albums of 2021, which are all chock-full of amazing music. We therefor see no reason why 2022 shouldn’t enjoy the same blessing. One need only look at the records that have been announced and rumored so far and you know it’ll be a good year for music again even if live shows and tours aren’t properly happening yet. Here are some of our editorial team’s picks of the most anticipated releases of this month:

Blind Guardian - The God Machine

(02/09 - Nuclear Blast Records)

Although there was a full-length album released in 2019, this could hardly be considered a proper Blind Guardian album. Rather, it was an innovative project bringing the Blind Guardian sound together with a full symphonic orchestra. Do not get me wrong. It is a really nice piece of work, but it is not Blind Guardian as none of the musicians are present, nor a real power metal album as there is no metal instrumentation. Consequently, the last real Blind Guardian album was seven freakin’ years ago with Behind the Red Mirror! So having a new one in the pipeline should be quite exciting. After all, Blind Guardian remains the standard to which all power metal must be held. The undisputed heavy weight champions of the genre.

The fact that they intend to return to their roots even excites us more. In a recent interview in Grande Rock Kürsh (vocals) stated: “We’ve set a new course and gone back to certain things that we’ve neglected a bit on the last few albums” When you combine that with the fact that the songs appear to have rather grim and gloomy titles, it makes for a very exciting upcoming release. I expect old sounds to return tackling a new grimmer theme. Perhaps quite adequate for our present day times: dealing with a grim reality could use some epic vibes once more.

The Hu - Rumble of Thunder

(02/09 - Better Noise)

It will not surprise you that as a horseman myself, I feel a deep affinity for The Hu and its members, many of whom ride in the old Mongolian Tradition. That is what their folk metal also deeply charaterizes: the traditional Mongolian way of life. Their previous (and first) album ‘Gereg‘ had many songs being literal exponents of that philosophy, Wolf Totem and Yuve Yuve Ye being the most extant examples thereof.

With Covid responsible for the cancellation of their performance together with Sabaton earlier this year, I really thirst after some HU juice and I hope this new album will satisfy that thirst, continuing in the tracks laid down on their first album. From the first singles unleashed upon the world I at least got some real satisfaction, I’m hoping the rest of the album delivers as much. The title, ‘Rumble of Thunder‘ referring to the Mongolian Thunder God already seems to indicate that the Hu will further immerse us in their strange but so captivating culture.

Yungblud - Yungblud

(02/09 - Locomotion/Geffen)

We’ve had our eyes on YUNGBLUD for a while now already, and while it seems like he’s sort of riding the wave of the resurgence of the increasingly popular pop punk wave, his boundless energy and “heart on the sleeve” kind of attitude really makes him stand out to us. And especially after catching one of the stops on his “Life on Mars Europe tour” (find the report here and photo report here), we believe we see the rise of the new prince of modern rock who will lead his followers to a world of acceptance and wholesome/uplifting rock ‘n’ roll. His music really brings the right amounts of catchiness and rawness that stems from a long history of pop and rock music in the British music scene, but with an extra touch of punk attitude and openness to experimentation and a modern sound. Looking at the singles that were already released of his upcoming self-titled album, we’ll get much of the same and we’re all there for it. Even if you might be skeptical, don’t sleep on this major star in the making!

Vermin Womb - Retaliation

(02/09 - Closed Casket Activities)

If auditory onslaught is what you’re looking for, look no further than the depths of the Denver, Colorado underground, whence hails nihilistic death metal/grindcore unit, Vermin Womb. Indeed, the trio’s upcoming second full-length, ‘Retaliation‘, is right up my alley: intensely fast, violently noisy, nihilistically somber, etc. If the singles are any indication, this new installment could be qualified as a sped up version of Primitive Man. I don’t recommend listening to this if you’re in a poor state of mind, as you’re not gonna sit through an uplifting moment. Then again if you’re listening to Vermin Womb, chances are you’re already used to this type of music in general and aren’t afraid to dig a little deeper into your darker self without losing your mind, in which case I salute you!

Vermilia - Ruska

(09/09 - Independent)

The Finnish solo artist Vermilia brings an absolutely captivating kind of music rooted in epic Scandinavian pagan metal and sweet, raw and melancholic vocal harmonies with lyrics in her native language. It’s the kind of music that can appeal to a wide arrange of people going from black metallers to more folky symphonic metalfans. The one moment it’s almost purely black metal with harsh vocals, while the next some angelic singing gets added, bringing in a touch of melody. It’s the kind of atmospheric black metal that is rooted in nature similar to outfits like Wolves In The Throne Room or Myrkur and with everything being sung in Finnish, it adds even more magic to the whole sound. If you haven’t heard of Vermilia before and you like what you’re reading, definitely can’t miss out on this release!

Bloodbath – Survival of the Sickest

(09/09 - Napalm Records)

“Survival of the Sickest” is the upcoming album from the superstar death metal band Bloodbath, and the follow-up album to the highly praised 2018 album “The Arrow of Satan Is Drawn” comes with high anticipation. The sixth outing features guest appearances from renowned vocalists and musicians like Luc Lemay (Gorguts), Barney Greenway (Napalm Death), and Marc Grewe (Morgoth) to further expand its superstar status. Anders “Blakkheim” Nyström (guitars), “Old Nick” Holmes (vocals), former session member Tomas “Plytet” Åkvik (guitars) recently joining the ranks, Martin “Axe” Axenrot (drums) and Jonas “Lord Seth” Renkse (bass) are about to unleash a wholly old-school sound and brings a zombified gore themed death metal record for the fans, the first to be released on Napalm Records, and we can hardly wait!

Slugcrust - Ecocide

(09/09 - Prosthetic Records)

Well, we’ve had nihilistic grindcore in our lists, now let’s talk the activist kind. While one can give into the occasional nihilism as a form of cathartic critical process of humankind,, it’s also important to stand for something in life in order to give meaning to our short existences. That’s exactly what South Carolinians Slugcrust are doing with their first full-length, ‘Ecocide‘. If that title isn’t a clear push towards ecological activism, I don’t know what more you need. In any case, the subject matter sure fits their furious sound. The four-piece is most notably manned by Derick Caperton and Brett Terrapin, who also play in WVRM, another great grindcore band which I’ve never talked about to my honest regret. If this is the first time you’re hearing about them, go check them out as well.

Electric Callboy - Tekkno

(09/09 - Century Media Records)

How can we not be excited about the new full-length release of Electric Callboy? Since the most recent lineup change and the release of major hits like ‘Hypa Hypa’, ‘We Got The Moves’ and ‘Pump It’, they’ve experienced a meteoric rise and have become a well-known name throughout the world, even though they even at some point made a slight name change. Add tracks like ‘FCKBOI‘ (featuring Conquer Divide) and ‘HURRIKAN‘ to that mix and you know you can expect a highly diverse mix of sounds, catchy tunes and most likely a couple more big surprises on the album. And while they might come across as being one big joke to some, they are an extremely talented collection of people who know what they’re doing clearly! Now get those party hats on and get ready to MOVE!

Innumerable Forms - Philosophical Collapse

(16/09 - Profound Lore Records)

“Philosophical Collapse” proves that the U.S. death/doom quintet Innumerable Forms have been honing its sound to visceral levels, the album is scheduled for a release date on September 16th via Profound Lore Records. With the release of the anticipated sophomore album guitarists Chris Ulsh and vocalist Justin DeTore present focused material resulting in oppressive and bleak death doom brought on a crushing scale. Innumerable Forms exploits another compelling experience filled with crushing force but this time the band would make a solid return but utterly horrifying.

Tribal Gaze - The Nine Choirs

(16/09 - Maggot Stomp)

Man, have I been waiting for this. Texas’ Tribal Gaze are a truly awesome addition to the modern death metal scene that’s been raging across the U.S. for the past decennium, first coming under my radar with their exceptional 2020 EP, ‘Godless Voyage‘. These gentlemen bring us another slice of that typical caveman death metal sound for which I’m always hungry as hell. Stomping old-school breakdowns, riffs that’ll melt your face off and vocals that echo with prehistoric rage, all seasoned with a pinch of hardcore aggression. If, like me, you’re into the likes of Gatecreeper, Frozen Soul, Genocide Pact, Outer Heaven, Terminal Nation, Witch Vomit, etc… make sure you don’t miss the September 16th release of their very first full-length, ‘The Nine Choirs‘.

Wolfheart - King Of The North

(16/09 - Napalm Records)

Sooner than we maybe expected, the Finnish winter metal mastodons of Wolfheart are coming with another brand new album! And while they’ve been pretty consistent in their sound and output, it seems they’ve incorporated a couple of really cool new things on this record if we’re basing ourselves on the first singles. Take the highly surprising guest appearance of Jesse D. Leach (Killswitch Engage, Times of Grace) with some killer guest vocals on ‘Ancestor‘ and the use of Vagelis‘ clean vocals more prominently on ‘The King‘, giving the music we’re used to of Wolfheart a whole other new dimension we didn’t see coming! All of that makes us really excited about what else will be there to catch us by surprise. We’re expecting another mastodon of an album filled with epic Finnish metal that could end up in a couple of end of the year lists!

Starcrawler - She Said

(16/09 - Big Machine)

We earlier talked about the future of rock, Starcrawler is another band that can very much be counted under that! These youngsters have been representing rock ‘n’ roll like no other with their own style and flair and do it with that touch of rawness we all love in our rock. Some find ’80s punk vibes in them, some talk about Iggy Pop, others find the grunge sound of its heydays, but one thing is sure: they really do kick ass. It’s the kind of rock that easily can cross and speak to several generations. The pandemic threw a bit of a wrench in their mission to take over the world, but now they’re back at it with this brand new album ‘She Said‘! The singles they earlier released like ‘Roadkill‘, ‘Stranded‘ and the title track are one for one extremely catchy and memorable rock songs, something we’ve wanted and needed so much. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Gaerea - Mirage

(23/09 - Season of Mist)

The Portuguese black metal outfit Gaerea has been amazing people around the world for a bit now. Every release of these mysterious hooded people has been met with quite some praise and it seems like they’re not planning to stop. Their upcoming third full-length ‘Mirage‘ is going to be yet another album filled with extremely intense black metal countered by gorgeous melodies and atmospheric passages. Just check out the title track of the album they released as a single and its stunning music video and be absolutely mesmerized by what they unleash upon you. This will be another monumental album that we’ll be spinning quite a few times at the GRIMM headquarters…

Autopsy – Morbidity Triumphant

(30/09 - Peaceville Records)

Top-tier U.S. death metal act Autopsy will release its newest album “Morbidity Triumphant” on September 30th via Peaceville Records. The fans much anticipated the return to the old morbid ways from these purveyors of evil death metal. There are many reasons why the eighth album is the band’s most tight offering since the 2011 album “Macabre Eternal”, the 11 songs are filled with grim and foreboding cavernous riffs brought with a sense of viciousness. From Chris Reifert’s monstrous barks and organic drumming to the heavy doomy riffs of Eric Cutler and Danny Coralles and the crunchy bass guitar of Greg Wilkinson, Autopsy imposes a wicked fiendish sound that will take the listener to the pits of hell, “Morbidity Triumphant” is already ranked at the top of my list.

Graceless – Chants from Purgatory

(30/09 - Raw Skull Recordz)

Dutch death/doom four-piece Graceless returns on September 30th with the third album “Chants from Purgatory” out via Raw Skull Recordz. Graceless’ well-established formula takes the mid-paced notions from classic doom to death metal grooves with such bold style the band took the characteristics of old-school bands like Bolt Thrower and twist them into slow passages to create a raw coherent sound. “Chants from Purgatory” simply can’t be overlooked if you consider yourself a fan of 90’s death/doom metal, the third album showcases robust technical skills bolstered with massive sound production, this is another savage record filled with monolithic riffs and crushing heaviness.

Lost Society - If the Sky Came Down

(30/09 - Nuclear Blast Records)

Another Finnish band! Not a big surprise looking at the amount of quality bands that the country spews out on a regular basis. With ‘If The Sky Came Down’, the already on the rise and highly popular Lost Society will make them go places. Back in 2020 they already made a huge leap into a more groove-laden modern metal sound that delivered us some massive anthems that still are little bombs whenever you catch them live. Now with their new album they’ve taken it another step further, going somewhat more in the direction of a nu metal sound which seems like the perfect move since there is somewhat of a resurgence of the genre. And with a lot of us having gone through our teenage years during the heydays of the much despised genre, it’s something that really speaks to us when done well. On top of that this record feels like it’s one of the most personal ones for frontman Samy to this date, having his heart on his sleeves with themes of mental health, addiction and feeling downright depressed woven throughout the whole album. Some people might be disappointed with Lost Society stepping even further away from their original thrash metal sound with this album, but we would be surprised if this album doesn’t make them explode, taking them higher up the food chain.

Slipknot - The End, So Far

(30/09 - Roadrunner Records)

In the context of making new discoveries I would usually go for an underground release, as most of you know is my habit. But the fourteen-year-old in me will always be a sucker for anything Slipknot. ‘All Hope Is Gone’ being the exception to that rule for me personally. The two records that followed however have shown us somewhat of a pleasant return to the Des Moines nine’s original sound, while simultaneously pursuing innovative horizons. And despite the fact that innovation seems a smidge irrelevant of a factor when it comes to the singles we’ve gotten, ‘The End, So Far’ very much promises to be a true-to-form Slipknot record. The pulse of the maggots have to be commended for the fact that, almost thirty years in, they’re still showing off as much groovy energy as when they first released their eponymous masterpiece. I for one am excited to see what this record will bring to the ever versatile metal table. My only hope is that its title isn’t hinting at Slipknot calling it quits just yet and is just a reference to them leaving Roadrunner Records after this record. My inner teenager wouldn’t be able to cope.

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