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Darken The Moon XII

Darken The Moon XII – w/ Clouds, Marche Funèbre, Et Moriemur

Marche Funèbre (BE) death doom metal Et Moriemur (CZ) – existential death doom Calliophis (DE) – death doom metal Pilgrimage (MT/NL) – death doom...

Gateway – Flesh Reborn

From the deepest dungeons of Bruges Gateway has crawled out with his first EP in two years, the aptly named ‘Flesh Reborn’

The Sombre– Into the Beckoning Wilderness

In a sidestep from his usual boundary breaking noise mongering from Gnaw Their Tongues Maurice de Jong retraces his roots to its doomy beginnings with this celebration...

My Dying Bride – Macabre Cabaret EP

In the wake of this year’s ‘The Ghost of Orion’ My Dying Bride has shaped another doomed diamond from its inner turmoil in the form of ‘Macabre Cabaret’.

ASPHYX announced new studio album “Necroceros”!

Dutch death doom legends Asphyx announce their 10th full-length album "Necroceros" and share the cover artwork!

Aphonic Threnody – The Great Hatred

As autumn sets in, Transcending Obscurity brings us Aphonic Threnody's latest death doom eulogy 'The Great Hatred'. It will be your funerary companion in this gloomy...

Insanity Reigns Supreme – …And Darkness Drowned the Land Divine

Putting the spotlight on one of the nation's forlorn gems from long ago: '...And Darkness Drowned the Land Divine', the debut record from local death doom legend,...

Sunken – From Slow Sleep Like Death

From the land of the thousand lakes comes Sunken’s debut album’ ‘From Slow Sleep Like Death’, a gloomy collection of classic death doom, full of morose melodies.