Extreme metal supergroup VLTIMAS are back with another single, proving they bow to now one and remain undefeated with ‘Invictus’, another track from the upcoming album ‘EPIC’, set for release in a couple of weeks via Season of Mist!

“The Great Metal Circus 2024” landed in Helsinki, where Avatar turned being at Tavastia that night into something absolutely spectacular and memorable! And the support Æther Realm came all the way from the US to Finland for the very first time, doing a great job at warming up the crowd!

Avatar dropped by the legendary Helsinki venue Tavastia on their “The Great Metal Circus 2024” tour, bringing their visual spectacle and theatrics properly to Finland. With them they brought the US metallers of Æther Realm, really blowing up the night!

German melodic death metal outfit Inner Sanctum unveiled the lyric video for second single ‘Era of the Idols’ from their upcoming album ‘The Great Odd Ones’, set for release next month!

The Irish old school death metal revivalist Vircolac return with a stunning release. The sophomore “Veneration” conveys a raw, organic style with plenty of dark atmosphere that emits a sepulchral melody. Out via Dark Descent Records since today, February 23.

Kings of cavernous death doom Spectral Voice return with one of the year’s most monolithic albums. “Sparagmos” borders into the spectral realms and portrays the band’s unique take in a more crushing and dismal manner, released via Dark Descent Records on February 9th.

Lutharo is proud to present their last single ‘Creating A King’ before the release of their upcoming album ‘Chasing Euphoria’ via Atomic Fire Records (Reigning Phoenix Music) next month! Get ready to bang your head!

Ukrainian progressive extreme metal ensemble Waidelotte, featuring members of White Ward and Soen, unveiled with ‘The Era Of Stagnant Gods’ the first track from upcoming debut album ‘Celestial Shrine’, to be released this year via Debemur Morti Productions!

Death metal titans Deicide are back with a provocative new single ‘Sever The Tongue’, both a harbringer of the highly anticipated album ‘Banished By Sin’, set for release in April via Reigning Phoenix Music and marking the pre-orders to be open right now!

French extremists Benighted shared the video single ‘Scars’ from their upcoming album ‘Ekbom’, set for release in April via Season of Mist!