10 reasons why you should go to Tuska 2024

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We have been convinced that Tuska is a festival that is a must on your bucketlist as a metal or rock fan, ever since we got to experience the event the first time back in 2016. It has expanded, innovated, changed and year by year only gotten better. And after all, what more could you ask for but going to a festival near the capital of the country that is known as the place to be for metal music? But if you're still not really there with us, here are some reasons we feel make Tuska 2024 an event you won't want to miss out on:

1. The headliners

Tuska has a tendency to pick some headliners that are not necessarily bands that are often booked as such, and has in the past shown to be able to predict which bands might become major players in the nearby future. And this year they went in a sense rather extreme with it, much to the dismay of many more old-fashioned natured metalfans. While usually they keep it at just 1 such act (or maybe 2) for the weekend, interestingly enough, for this edition they have quite modern and “different” acts for every single day with the former drum ‘n’ bass giants Pendulum bringing a more rock and metal oriented live show that still harnesses that typical sound they’re known for, Bring Me The Horizon on Tuska Saturday with all the madness of their stage production that a headline show should bring with them, and the glorious return of Australia’s biggest metalcore export product with Parkway Drive. Last time they set the stage, festival and almost themselves on fire, so we can only get excited about this!

2. Support your locals: the Finnish music scene

It’s quite well-known that Finland has very fertile grounds considering rock and metal music. And overall, Finnish festivals seem to have a rule that they give a lot of attention to the talent they have in their own neighborhood. So going to a festival like Tuska means that you’ll be able to enjoy many Finnish bands, both absolute legends and bands that you otherwise rarely would see outside of their country. And this year has a pretty stacked bill again on that level with popular bands like Lost Society, Turmion Kätilöt, Amorphis, Stam1na, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, and Bloodred Hourglass, but also the glorious return of Suburban TribeTarot, Prestige and Warmen, besides smaller, lesser known or underground bands like Metal Riot, I Am The Night, Kollectivist, Terromania, Sick Urge, Krypta, Sadistic Drive, Assemble The Chariots, Suotana, Rythmihäiriö, My Misery, Agarwaen, SulfuriS, St. Aurora, Kaunis Kuolematon, Malformed, I Am Your God, Putro In Black, The Abbey, Nightstop, Shereign, Satra, Dome Runner, Luna Kills and Swansong!

3. Looking towards the future

Tuska has always room and an eye for up-and-coming talents and future greats, which is no different this edition. Besides up-and-comers from own country like Lost Society, Bloodred Hourglass, Assemble The Chariots, I Am Your God, The Abbey, Shereign, Luna Kills and Swansong, you won’t want to miss bands like Lord of the Lost (opening the festival, so be early on Friday), Infected Rain (they’ve been in Finland quite regularly lately, and are just killing it with their new music and line-up), Ghostkid (the new project of former Electric Callboy vocalist Sushi), Ankor (an alternative/modern metal band that is on a pretty quick rise in the heavy music scene), Make Them Suffer (an absolutely great metalcore product all the way from Australia, where the metalcore scene can’t seem to stop cranking out absolute gems of bands), Fixation (the Norwegian band that has been praised as future big names) and Brothers Of Metal (who bring an absolute metal viking party with their fist pumping brand of power/heavy metal)!

4. Respect for the classics and old school

While Tuska this year has put a lot of their money on bringing in modern acts with a bright eye on the future, they did not forget about the classics and old school stuff from the heavy music scene. From Finnish soil, we got the legendary Suburban Tribe, Tarot, Prestige and Warmen making a glorious return to the stage, I Am The Night which is a celebration of old school Norwegian black metal in the vein of Emperor while you can get a shot of the old school through Kerry King (dropping by with his solo project, which is basically a supergroup of thrash metal legends), Norwegian black metal institution Dimmu Borgir, US old school death metallers Devourment and of course the long-standing prog stars of Opeth brightening up Tuska Sunday!

5. Surprise with something different

Tuska comes with something surprising every year, and while especially the “freshness” of the headliner line-up and the fact that the highly popular Lord of the Lost is opening the first day of the festival are eye-catchers, there is as always room for more experimental bands like Zeal & Ardor, and Ghøstkid, or projects that you wouldn’t necessarily expect at a metal festival like Health, Eivør, and Nightstop.

6. Tuska KVLT

For a couple editions now, Tuska has the popular concept to give a platform to lesser known and underground bands to play at a bigger festival and hopefully get discovered by a bunch of people roaming around the festival grounds. Tuska KVLT brings a fine selection of up-and-coming and established underground names, in combination with starting bands that get a spot on the bill by the band members taking part in the KVLT arrangement where they offer their volunteering services some time during the weekend.

This time we get a selection of really solid and established names within their scene like Suotana, Assemble The Chariots, The Abbey, Putro In Black, I Am Your God, Swansong, Luna Kills, Prestige, and Dome Runner, filled out with unknown/locally popular and even starting bands like Sadistic Drive, Krypta, Sick Urge, Malformed, Shereign, and St. Aurora, filled out with bands who earned their spot by participating in last year’s activities that kept the festival running with Metal Riot, Kollectivist, Terromania, My Misery, Agarwaen, SulfuriS, and Satra

If at any time during the weekend you’re looking for anything that is a touch more extreme and underground, or fresh and new, make sure you check out what is next on the Tuska KVLT stage. You might end up discovering the next big thing really early on in their career!

7. Tuska Expo

Since a couple of editions of Tuska ago, they have brought the Tuska Expo to the festival grounds. Tuska Expo has stands and vendors with things that speak to many of the alternative people and metalheads that visit the event. In the past we’ve seen a barber, body art/modification stand, Metalheads Against Bullying, black metal inspired vegan soaps, jewelry and so on. It’s always a bit looking forward to seeing what new things are coming to the expo for us to discover!

Last year, they’ve moved it to a new, and bigger location on the festival grounds. Which meant that they had more room and the biggest Tuska Expo in the history of the event! Not only were there more stands and vendors than ever before, but also workshops on corpse paint, palm reading, jewelry making, and many other things to discover whenever you don’t feel the need to get blasted by some heavy music! This was a massive success, so they are working with the same collaborators again to curate an even more interesting edition this year! Check out what you can find this year right here:

  • ARCANE DEATH PRODUCTIONS: Reseller of esoteric and occult literature, as well as records (Black/Death/Doom).
  • ATHANATON & SIR ROI: Athanaton and Sir Roi offer a magical selection of books and jewelry with years of experience!
  • BARD & JESTER: Bard & Jester familiar products from top hats to special leather gear.
  • BEARD PARK: We are a barber shop specializing in beards, located in Kallio, with another shop in Pasila’s Tripla.
  • CINCIN JA NANA S: Cincin and Nana S sell handmade unique silver jewelry adorned with gemstones and mother-of-pearl.
  • COCO LIFESTYLE: We have a good, wide selection of handmade summer hats and bags for men and women. Additionally, we offer handmade stone jewelry and Little Safari drinking glasses.
  • EITRI JEWELRY: Handmade silver and bronze jewelry inspired by history.
  • EVIANNA ESTER: Evianna Ester is a ceramicist and illustrator whose product range includes plant-themed cards, stickers, art prints, and ceramic talismans.
  • HERAINIART: Fantasy-themed art printed on, among other things, stickers, postcards, and bookmarks.
  • HIDDEN SECRETS OF FOREST AND INNOVATIONS OF THE FUTURE: Metsä Ry is an ideological association researching innovations that multiply the value of the forest.
  • ICEBREAKERS FOR VIKINGS: Icebreakers for Vikings is the ultimate mood-lifting drinking game to break the ice even in the stiffest groups! At the Icebreakers for Vikings sales point, the first 250 buyers will receive a unique Viking “on the go” mug as a gift!
  • IIKKA LEHTINEN ART: Visual artist Iikka Lehtinen’s unique exhibition of works created with a delicate drawing style, depicting urban mystical fantasies.
  • ILMATAR COUTURE: Ilmatar Couture designs and manufactures unique corsets, wedding and evening dresses, accessories, and stage outfits for international artists, all handmade in Finland.
  • KAAMOS CO: Corpse Paint-themed Spatanic® products: including black metal rubber ducks, Corpse Paint soaps, face masks, sauna textiles, and beard and skincare products.
  • KEVIN KUPARI: Dark-themed art from prints to original paintings. Hand-bound sketch and notebooks, fabric patches, pins, and magnets.
  • METALHEADS AGAINST BULLYING: Metalheads Against Bullying’s mission is to engage people in the fight against bullying.
  • MYKORU: Precious metal jewelry made with great heart!
  • NOITAPUOTI: Jewelry, everyday items, and oddities themed around witchcraft and shamanism. Domestic, ethical, and recycling-focused – Ingredients for a magical life.
  • NORTHERN TRIBE: Northern Tribe is a family business from Oulu producing metal-spirited durable and high-quality clothing and jewelry.
  • NUNNUKKA DESIGN: Nunnukka design jewelry is handmade on the northern island of Hailuoto. The main materials used are surplus leather and other recycled materials.
  • OLD RAVEN: Old Raven is a domestic company specializing in corsets and alternative fashion. All corsets are handmade in Finland as sustainably as possible, using some recycled fabrics.
  • PHOENICIAN GOODS: Jewelry, accessories, and cosmetics with a crazily unique style.
  • SAHRASSHOP: Ecological lightweight cotton hammam towels and linen sauna towels.
  • SEBASTIANSCREATIONS: Handmade unique products full of magic and darkness.
  • SUOMEN NOITAOPISTO: The Finnish Witch School is a remote witch school that teaches witchcraft as a worldview and trains for the profession of a witch.
  • TAROT BY CRITICAL ECLECTIC: Practical and straightforward tarot readings. I also offer magical brainstorming (aka consulting) and life coaching, depending on your needs and questions.
  • TAROTPUOTI: Tarotpuoti is a gateway to another world, the heart of mysticism, magic, and occultism. A wide selection of tarot and oracle cards as well as magic products.
  • THE SATANIC TEMPLE FINLAND: Finland’s only official The Satanic Temple congregation sells its own merch products and offers the opportunity for interesting discussions about the Satanism we represent.
  • TONTTU PRKL & STUDIO WALHALLA: Tonttu prkl offers rougher home elves, various arrangements containing, among other things, real plants and bones, vegan candles, accessories, and prints.
  • TOTENTANZ: Totentanz sells fateful black clothing for men and women.
  • VANADIS COUTURE: Vanadis Couture is a one-woman business that makes handmade domestic lingerie.
  • VUORENPEIKON PAJA: At Vuorenpeikon forge, anything possible is forged from iron.
  • ULOTTUVUUSMATKAT OY: Ulottuvuusmatkat returns to Tuska to create corpse paints for festival-goers! Sit in the chair and let our professional makeup artists conjure you a moshpit-proof look for the weekend! We also create more colorful paintings with rainbows and glitter galore.

And on top of that, you’ll find the Tuska Sideshow “The Carnival of Shadows” organized by Pakanafestarit (Pagan Fest), body art professionals will offer their services in Kattilahalli’s EXPO with experienced tattoo artist and body piercers, along with a massager with magic hands and a body suspension artist, who turns her rituals into art, and workshops where you’ll learn about making leather spike bracelet, being a sexually dominant woman or talking to spirits, find more info like the schedules here.

8. Food court

Tuska doesn’t only put in a lot of effort in selecting the bands they bring in, or even the vendors for Tuska Expo, but always makes sure that we have a very diverse selection of foods we could pick something from. Conveniently, they’ve gathered most of those food providers in the festival “food court”, so you have a good overlook on what your choices are. And they seem to be repeating last year’s diverse line-up with some really really interesting newcomers besides the typical festival grub (like burgers, kebab, makkaraperunat,…). Check out what you can expect right here:

3 Kaverin Jäätelöbiili
3 Kaverin Jäätelöbiili arrives at the Tuska! Welcome to refresh yourself with a cold ice cream. Including novelties and old classics. Numerous ice creams and vegan options. All our ice creams are gluten-free.

Bali Brunch
Bali Brunches key players are joining forces with Food Truck Catering team in order to bring authentic indonesian street food experience to festivals and events. Kitchen is based on Bali Brunches popular portions. 2024 menu features Bali’s award winning versions of Indonesian classics, such as Rendang curry and fully vegan Gado Gado.

From Bunit street food kiosk you can grab yourself steam buns that will truly make your mouth water. The soft buns are filled with crispy chicken, yuzu mayonnaise, cabbage and more. Vegan option also available. If you’re really hungry, get yourself a side order of spicy kimchi fries.

Fresh Veggie
Fresh Veggie offers unique vegan dishes for everyone. Vebab, falafel portions and burgers are offered, among other dishes.

Haapasalon Hatsapuri
This is a food experience you don’t want to miss! The filling Georgian hatsapuris and new pizzapuris will truly make your mouth water. On the menu you’ll find the traditional cheese hatsapuris as well as meat, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Kebab Roll
Hey! Do you want to taste Finland’s tastiest and fastest roll kebab? Our delicious kebab is made from fresh and high-quality ingredients that guarantee a rich taste in every bite. When you order from us, you can get your food quickly, so you can enjoy your delicious meal without a long wait. Come and experience the magic of kebab with us!

Kosilkka jäätelövankkuri
Delicious ice creams are made by hand in North Karelia. Kosilkka is a small food industry company that produces products in a small dairy and bakery, in the productions of which traditional methods and craftsmanship are combined with local raw materials to create top-class artisanal products. Our milk-based ice creams are made fresh from unprocessed milk. Our vegan products are made from wild berries and garden fruits. We also offer dark roasted coffee from our favourite small brewery.

Lehmus Roastery
Lehmus Roastery arrives again to quench the thirst of coffee-hungry revelers with the power of black coffee, deathpresso, tuskaccino and Early Grave -blood grapefruit tea!

Flavors spiced with Middle Eastern herbs and lemon pamper the taste buds – crispy falafels, grilled halloumi and spicy chicken offer an alternative for all diets. A favourite of Helsinki residents since 2015!

Momo House
Unique eastern cuisine inspired in the Indian subcontinent.

Mummo’s dining car and the best French fries in the country are coming to Tuska! The menu features top-notch loaded fries dishes to suit every taste. No one will party on an empty stomach!

Papa’s Smokery BBQ
These smoked BBQ delicacies will fire up your taste buds. On their menu you’ll find burgers, pulled pork and chicken, traditional festival foods and filling vegetarian options.

Patisserie Teemu Aura
Patisserie Teemu Aura’s Pullabiili is a delightful pink café truck serving fresh artisan bakery and patisserie delicacies. The hugely popular Pullabiili drives around the Helsinki metropolitan area during the summer, delighting people with treats. Our passion is honest handwork and creativity, and we stand proud with our breads, buns, cakes and pastries baked with strong professionalism. Let’s bake the world a better place!

The pizza masters of Pizzanpaistajat have carefully designed every detail of the Snäkkipizza to suit the Finnish mouth. The recipes represent the familiar style of Pizzanpaistajat: tasty and traditional flavors with a modern twist. As a rule, self-developed products are used as fillings. And what’s the best, Snäkkipizza’s are made in our own pizza factory in Vantaa.

Pretty Boy
Pretty Boy, which was voted as the best Chicken Restaurant in 2022 and has also won a prize in Global Vegan Awards, serves premium-level street food! Our dishes, crafted from high-quality and sustainable ingredients, are inspired by the world’s hottest food meccas. At Pretty Boy, everyone can tailor their own unique culinary experience with our distinctive sauces.

Seksico Tacos
Seksico Tacos is well-known for their popular restaurants in Helsinki and Espoo, but also for their Seksico® Chili Sauces that have already become classics.

Thai Papaya
Taste and quality are the frst priorities at Thai Papaya as the restaurant’s ideology is all about best ingredients and genuine Thai flavours, prepared by a chef specialized in Thai food.

Treffi Pub & Bistro
One of Helsinki’s true classic restaurants offers their best to the Tuska crowds: grilled vegetarian and meat burgers and great service. All the burgers are available as gluten-free and dairy-free versions.

Tuska has also revamped their food world, offering bistro cuisine at its best, located next to the Open Air II stage with a covered terrace and offering meals for both vegans and omnivores like potato falafel, currywurst & fries, loaded fries, nacho supreme, burgers, pizza and tapas bar.

9. Location

As one of the biggest metal festivals in Finland taking place in a city, the location is amazingly convenient. The by now trusted event area of Suvilahti with its signature buildings and gas tower is a wonderful place to have the festival, located at one of Helsinki’s biggest malls, REDI. Getting there is really easy by the metro that stops right in the mall (take note though that during Tuska weekend the Helsinki central station metro stop is not in use, so you’ll have to go to the next stop Helsinki University to get on the right metro). A couple of stairs down and a couple of minutes walking, and you’re right at the gates of Tuska’s hallowed grounds! And since you’re that close to the city, if you afterward still want to have a couple of drinks to celebrate the amazing day you’ve had, there should be plenty of bars to choose from! Seems like the organization and visitors were so satisfied with last year’s setup, that the festival grounds are more or less the same with only a couple small changes.

10. Atmosphere

Last year’s edition of Tuska, proved us even more right that this is one of the nicest metal and rock festivals you can go to in Finland. The improvements they made to the festival area caused a better flow and overall, the atmosphere was more relaxed than ever before, enabling us to focus on some great music and having good old fun. People from all walks of life are to be found at the festival grounds, and we haven’t seen any conflicts at all. It’s basically like a big family coming together, and even at its most busy, it never felt like the space was being overcrowded. And if you don’t feel like music all the time, there are plenty of other things to discover like an actual marriage happening at the festival, competitions to win something, selfie opportunities, the pieces of artwork commissioned by the festival from a local artist,…

The people behind Tuska are a pretty amazing bunch. Every year they try to improve things to make the festival the best possible experience for every visitor and really listen to the feedback given to them. Even when their plans don’t turn out as great as they expected, it wouldn’t be the first time they start changing things overnight in the middle of the festival weekend when they receive complaints about something. Talk about dedication…

They have a dedicated “harassment officer” you can message with in case of inappropriate behavior, during and even after the festival, and have a pretty decent app that will notify you whenever the show of one of your favorite bands is about to happen. They really make it a weekend of fun, friends and music that you can keep as relaxed or as wild as you’d want to.

Check out last year’s reports and galleries here.

And get into the mood with our Spotify playlist and YouTube playlist!

And of course, hope to see you there, come and say hi whenever you see the GRIMM logo walk around!

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