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Tuska has confirmed 16 more names for the 2024 edition with Stratovarius, HEALTH, Lord Of The Lost, Eivør, Elvenking, Devourment, St. Aurora, Assemble the Chariots, I AM YOUR GOD, Swansong, Krypta, Sadistic Drive, Prestige, Putro In Black, SICK URGE and Dome Runner! Get your tickets now before the price increase in a couple of weeks!

What bands are you happy with this time? And what bands are you still hoping for?

Industrial giants Ministry have something to say about ‘B.D.E.’ (Big Dick Energy) in their new single, another track from the upcoming ‘HOPIUMFORTHEMASSES’ album set for release in March via Nuclear Blast!

Finnish modern metal act Without Warning released explosive new single ‘NEW ORDER’ via Inverse Records, taking us to a dystopian future and showcasing their updated looks in the video that came with it!

Norwegian industrial metal legends Gothminister to take over the Eurovision Song Contest pre-qualifications for their country with the new single ‘We Come Alive’ this weekend! Their new album ‘Pandemonium II: The Battle Of The Underworlds’ is set to be released later this year via AFM Records!

Swedish industrial metal outfit Rave The Reqviem shared a new video for the track ‘Zero Solace’ and announced a tour for 2024, with support from the Finnish newcomers of Blame Me!

Finnish melodic metal outfit Northern Genocide shared the new single ‘To Serve the Pestilence’, a track from their upcoming album ‘The Point of No Return’, set for release in March 2024 via Inverse Records!

Industrial doom act Ωblivion Gate announces their third album ‘Thrill Kill Noir’ to be released next year via Inverse Records and unveiled a fist single with the apocalyptic love song ‘Acolyte’!

Ministry unleashed one of their signature protest songs questioning the system with the single ‘Just Stop Oil’, another scathing track from their upcoming album ‘HOPIUMFORTHEMASSES’, set for release in March 2024 via Nuclear Blast!

In anticipation of their ‘Pandemonium Tour 2023’ kicking off next week, Gothminister unleashed the brand new song ‘Battle of the Underworlds’ from their upcoming new album to be released in 2024 via AFM Records!

Catch them live in 2 weeks at our very own venue Asgaard!

Industrial metal trio Hand of Juno shared their latest single & video ‘Destroy The Line’ via Out of Line Music a while back, which is definitely worth your time if you happened to miss it earlier!


While we are still regularly looking back at what 2023 brought us, we of course also need to look forward. So here is the first edition of our 2024 series of articles where we bring the editorial team’s most anticipated releases with Escuela Grind, Green Day, The Empire Strikes, Saxon, Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes, Static-X, The Gems, Lucifer, Manticora and Hiraes in January!

As the festival summer is quickly approaching, May sees many great releases yet again. Our team of writers put together a nice selection of those they are looking forward to the most this month with Deathstars, Cattle Decapitation, Veil Of Maya, The Dark Side Of The Moon, Ghost, Thulcandra, Frozen Soul, Sleep Token, Henget, Vomitory, Immortal, Kalmah and Legion Of The Damned!

2023 starts off with quite the bang with new releases from VV, Anti-Flag, Imperium Dekadenz, Turmion Kätilöt, Katatonia, Kiberspassk, …and Oceans, Obituary, Suasion, Dropout Kings and Vėlių Namai!

Photo Reports

Welcoming events that try to bring something different and out of the norm to Finland, we went to the second night of the club festival Hellsinki Techfest with Sirkuit Preiker, Khroma, Balance Breach and Hacktivist back in September for some killer music and high energy!

Lord of the Lost wrapped up their year with a mini tour in Finland, that ended with a sold out gig at Olympia-kortteli in Tampere, with as support Rain Diary and Gothminister. An event by TuskaLive and Grey Beard Concerts & Management that served as the perfect last show in 2023 for our photographer!

Close to the end of the year 2023 there was an event that has left headbangers around the world in ecstatic anticipation—the Fear Factory ‘DisrupTour 2023’. This monumental tour brings together a powerhouse line-up featuring the ferocious Butcher Babies, Ignea and Ghosts of Atlantis. As these bands join forces, they promise to deliver an unforgettable experience for metal enthusiasts, showcasing a diverse range of styles within the genre.

The cold came to Munich in the form of a package of Scandinavian bands, but Liv Sin, Priest and Deathstars managed to warm the souls of those present in the small Strom quickly after waiting in the cold and snow.

A hot and sweaty night in the Halle room of the Backstage club in Munich. Fear Factory are back in a big way, and they were joined by Butcher Babies, Ignea and Ghosts of Atlantis, bringing quite the package with the “Disruptour” all over Europe!

True Crime industrial rock band SKYND has been on tour in Europe for a while now, and we caught them performing live in the Trix club, in Antwerp, with Knife Bride as support!

Swedish industrial metal legends Pain are on tour throughout Europe right now, and we caught them at their stop at the Backstage venue in Munich, Germany. Bringing with them Finnish pagan metal giants Ensiferum, Swedish dark symphonic metallers Eleine and Japanese Ryujin, it was quite the night for heavy metal!