Best of 2023: Anna / ScarletMemory Photography’s favorite captures of the year

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The year stared off with Pain, who had a really fun and energetic show at Olympia-Kortelli in Tampere. Next up, still in January, was Sólstafir as Support for Katatonia, with a very moody gig. In March Kamelot came back into town and with them came Eleine and Myrath. While I’ve been waiting to see Myrath for a while now, Eleine isn’t exactly my cup of tea. Still, Madeleine Liljestam managed to capture me with her energy. In late April, Battle Beast rocked Kerhola in Nokia. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with this band, as they always give 100 percent and are always a lot of fun. In May, it was time for one of many Brymir gigs I had this year. And just a few days later, Sabatons ‘The Tour To End All Tours’ came to Finland. The stage production for this tour was absolutely grand. It also was very clear that Sabaton really appreciates the work we concert photographers do, which is unfortunately not always the case.

Summer season is festival season, and the line-up of Tuhdimmat Tahdit was just too good to pass on. Photography wise, Mors Subita were especially fun, as the sun hit the stage at just the right time and angle to paint everything in a golden light. But they weren’t the only band I enjoyed at this festival. Lordi, Metalite, Shereign, Diablo and Battle Beast were also a lot of fun to shoot. In July, I went on a little trip to Turku to see Amorphis and Lost Society at Logomos Terassikesä. And then ended the summer with Raskasta Iskelmää at Hönö, with a small and intimate gig.

But there were also still a lot of really great shows during the autumn, one of them Before the Dawn, Wolfheart and Brymir at Pakkahuone, Tampere. Another one was Sonata Arctica, who also stopped by Pakkahuone on their ‘Arctic Storm’ tour. My absolute highlight of the year was although Deathstars at Olympia-Kortelli. Guitarist Cat Casino engaged a lot with the audience as well as my camera, which made up for a lot of cool shots. In November I went to my first show at G Livelab Tampere, for Brother Firetribes ‘Man on a Mission’ Tour, which had fantastic light. Still in November I also saw Psychework at Hönö and one of Apocalypticas church shows for their ‘Matka Mieleen – Kaamoksen Sellot’ tour and finished it off with Melancoly Mass Festival in Tampere. Where I had a good time capturing Voidfallens performance. Of course, December also still held some highlights. First Poets of the Fall stopped at Pakkahuone for their 20th anniversary tour. Then it was time for another show of Amorphis, also at Pakkahuone. And then lastly, I had a lot of fun with Everwave and Shereign at YO-Talo.

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