Visions of Atlantis & Xandria “Symphonic Metal Nights Tour 2022” (Cafe Central, Weinheim, Germany) – 14/10/2022

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We had the chance to visit the next to last gig of the ‘Symphonic Metal Nights Tour 2022’ which featured co-headliners Visions of Atlantis and Xandria with support from the Swedish pirate folk misfits Ye Banished Privateers. This was not only a highlight for all pirate-themed music fans but quite a large part of the audience in a sold out and packed Cafe Central Weinheim was clearly onsite to see this and dressed accordingly.

The evening was opened up by the Swedish collective Ye Banished Privateers . Presenting their pirate folk music was almost too much for this little stage which was more than crowded with the eight touring members ‘on board’ and set some serious limits to their urge to move around on stage. Maybe good that only 8 of the nearly 30 official members were here… At this point the venue was clearly heating up despite the autumn weather and temperatures outdoors.

Xandria were next to set the heat level even higher and get the crowd to sweat with their new lead singer and new album. They truly rocked rocked and fascinated the audience with their symphonic metal. Everyone got dripping wet of sweat by the end of their great performance.

The last act of the night set the heat notch to the top: Visions of Atlantis. And they brought back the pirate feeling, perfectly combining the themes of the first band with the sound of the band just before them. Everybody was aboard during their set, the harmonizing voices of Clementine Delauney and Michele Guaitoli took the audience by storm.

And even though it was close to the end of the tour, the performances of all bands were stunning. The choreographs were perfect and it has been a very enjoyable event. It was a fantastic night for all fans of symphonic metal. And I have to remember taking a backup shirt next time because you’ll go home completely drenched after such heated up gigs.

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