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INFECTED RAIN announces fifth full-length album “Ecdysis” + Reveals music video for new single “Postmortem Pt. 1”

After finishing a tour with Butcher Babies and Stitched up heart, Infected Rain has announced that they are releasing their next album titled "Ecdysis"

Black/epic metal pioneers DARKWOODS MY BETROTHED release new single & Video “Murktide and Midnight Sun”

The Finnish black metal outfit Darkwoods My Betrothed is back with a 2nd single from their upcoming comeback album 'Angel of Carnage Unleashed'!

Heavy crossover stars SUMO CYCO reveal ‘Initiation’ Digital Deluxe Edition & new single “Sun Eater”

Sumo Cyco unleashes their new single 'Sun Eater' in celebration of the announcement of the deluxe version of their latest album 'Initiation'!

Black/death metal veterans THULCANDRA release new single and official music video for “Nocturnal Heresy”

Thulcandra release second single 'Nocturnal Heresy' of their upcoming new album 'A Dying Wish'!

Pagan metal legends BORNHOLM unveil new single & video “Spiritual Warfare” from new album “Apotheosis”

Hungarian black/pagan metal outfit Bornholm released their 2nd single from the upcoming Napalm Records debut "Apotheosis"!

Progressive death metal masters BE’LAKOR unveil massive new single “Foothold” and official music video

Australian prog death masters Be'lakor unleash another new track with 'Foothold', alongside a captivating visualizer video, from their upcoming 'Coherence' album!

Behemoth’s Nergal releases ME AND THAT MAN’s second single featuring Myrkur

Me and That Man revealed another captivating single, this time featuring Myrkur on guest vocals!

Blackened death/doom offensive 1914 reveals second single “Pillars Of Fire (The Battle Of Messines)”

Ukrainian WWI experts 1914 are back with yet another punishing track from their upcoming new release ' Where Fear and Weapons Meet'!

German chart-toppers KISSIN’ DYNAMITE release second single “What Goes Up”

Kissin' Dynamite is back with yet another single of their upcoming new album 'Not The End Of The Road' with the igniting track 'What Goes Up'!