Before the Dawn / Wolfheart (Pakkahuone, Tampere ) – 23/09/2023

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Brymir started the night with some fish metal and now that Steve (the pike) is back from his adventures we also got the obligatory flying fish again. Then we went to some creepy, cold Finnish forest with Wolfheart, where they showed us their tormented reindeer from hell. And lastly, Before the Dawn rounded up the night.

I guess the interested in this show wasn’t quite as big as predicted by the organisers. And to be fair, I also expected there to be more people. This was a very well fitting combination of bands, of which I heard how crowed the Helsinki show the day before was. I really don’t understand how, on a Saturday night, a line-up like this can leave Pakkahuone only half full. It was a good evening, nonetheless.

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