Photo Reports

We also took some pictures of Brother Firetribe coming to town on their “Band On A Mission” Finland tour, where they rocked the G Livelab venue in Tampere, brought there by Master Events!

Awhile ago, the Finnish leg of the Wolfheart and Before the Dawn co-headline tour started, and with support of Brymir, we got a very nice night of Finnish melodeath at the not so crowded Pakkahuone in Tampere, organised by Master Events.

We got to see one of the Raskasta Iskelmää live shows at the sold out Hönö bar in Tampere. Featuring Marko Hietala, Antti Railio and Ville Tuomi on vocals, it’s the perfect summer getaway while waiting for the Raskasta Joulua season. A very fun evening presented by Tuhdimmat Tahdit and Master Events.

Day 2 of Tuhdimmat Tahdit was just as hot. Carnival Academy, Heavy Metal Perse, Antony Parviainen Trio, Turmion Kätilöt, Metalite, Wolfheart, Shereign, Before the Dawn, Brymir, Mokoma, Swallow the Sun and lastly Battle Beast. Master Events gave us a festival that is certainly worth coming back to.

Tuhdimmat Tahdit and Master Events brought one very hot festival to Tampere’s Ratinanniemi. It started with Verikalpa and ended with Beast in Black, but we also can’t forget about all the bands in between: Transworld Identity, Prestige, Ensiferum, Bloodred Hourglass, Dynazty, Lordi, Mors Subita, Dead by April and Diablo.

We got to enjoy yet another show of Brymir and Kaunis Kuolematon a couple of Friday’s ago at Tampere’s YO-Talo. An event was organized by Nem Agency and Master Events.

Tuhdimmat Tahdit and Master Events organized Battle Beast’s first ever show in Nokia, Finland. As support, they brought along Crimson Sun. An enjoyable evening for everyone.

Brymir and Master Events put up yet another great show, this time at Torvi, Lahti in Finland. This show won us over with its close, intimate and sweaty atmosphere.

Battle Beast showed what a great heavy metal show is like at Jäähalli Helsinki a good week ago with the support of their special guests Ensiferum and Kiuas! A production by Master Events.

Pictures of a lovely night of AOR and melodic rock from Finnish soil with Brother Firetribe and One Desire at the legendary Tavastia rock club in Helsinki!

Gig Reports


Brother Firetribe has been travelling through Finland on their “Band on a Mission tour”, and last Friday Tampere finally had its turn with their very last stop of the tour at G Livelab, organized by Master Events. And we saw it was good! A perfect way to start our weekend…


Battle Beast proved with their Jäähalli show in Helsinki that they are one of Finland’s up-and-coming heavy metal greats and can put down one hell of a show, with the support from Ensiferum and Kiuas. A production by Master Events.


A lovely night of AOR and melodic rock from Finnish soil with Brother Firetribe and One Desire at the legendary Tavastia rock club in Helsinki!


A glorious return to Tavastia for the first time in 2021 for us! Couldn’t be better kick-off with the epic metallers of Arion and popular alt-rockers of Cyan Kicks!


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One of the first shows we get to cover in Finland was a special one! Coolhead Live hosted an afternoon of quality Suomi rap with Gasellit, Aivovuoto and NCO!


Warmth was brought to Nosturi by the Fins of Wolfheart and Brymir! Check out this review about their show from 30th of november in Helsinki, Finland